Have Non-Frame UI Elements Scale with Parent Frame When Made Parent Frame is made Visible Again

If I was more bold and considered a ‘Regular’ I might put this in the bug reports section, but here is my attempt to see if this is possible and I’m simply doing things wrong.

My scaling for all elements works perfectly when a frame is active. However, should I set a parent frame’s ‘Visible’ property to false (to hide/disable the frame) and then change my game window size, naturally I would expect that when I set the ‘Visible’ property to true, all elements would adjust to the new proper scales. This is what happens, but only for Frames. Non-frame elements, like ImageButtons, TextBoxes, TextLabels, and ImageLabels, do not adjust to their proper scales when the Active property is again set to true, unlike the frame elements, which snap back immediately. If I adjust the screen size while Visible is set, they will instantly snap into position just like the frames. However, this produces quite ugly results should a player encounter this, and they may not know how to fix it. See my video here to see this problem in action:

It goes without saying that because the elements scale perfectly fine when Visible, that I’m using the scale properties of the sizes only, no offsets. If someone who is a regular is convinced this is a bug, I would greatly appreciate if this was passed on to that forum, where I can not post. Otherwise I’m very happy to be shown how to fix this.

Thanks for your time.

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This bug actually happened recently for everyone I guess. There is another thread confirmed here:

It was confirmed by a roblox staff that they are looking into it or something. This hasn’t happened before I have no idea how it got to this point.

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