Have Parts anchored by default when inserting in Studio

A long standing issue I’ve had is inserting a Part, forgetting it’s unanchored, and finding out long after once testing the game. This results in a lot of backtracking to anchor everything, which can lead to mistakes of missing a part, or anchoring something I actually intended to be unanchored.

In the past, this has also resulted in large, unanchored Parts existing inside other Parts, and tanking a game’s FPS from the constant physics updates. My first thought when the game’s FPS dips is that something is up with the game’s code, rather than what should be a static map.

Given that build mode is dead and we’re no longer able to simulate physics until the game is explicitly played by the developer, it makes more sense for Studio to default to anchoring parts when inserting them. The Instance.new("Part") defaults could stay the same, but specifically when opening up the Insert Object menu and inserting a Part, having it anchored would be helpful.


We will likely never outright make it the default in Studio, but we have looked at solutions in the past to allow you to make this change yourself. No guarantees on timeline, but thank you for the report.

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Why is Roblox so adamant about not changing this behavior?

I don’t think anyone expects parts to fall over by default. I remember years ago, I was so confused as to why my builds would fall apart. I didn’t even know what the anchor tool did. So if anything, this makes studio more frustrating for new users.

I’m sure I can speak for many developers when I say it’s fruitless having parts unanchored by default.