Have player follow an unanchored part

So what I want to do is make it so that players can ride a boulder while standing on top of it, boulders don’t really have any real functionality besides ‘respawning’.

The issue with this is that boulders are unanchored, I can’t use relative CFraming and another mechanic interferes with most approaches I’ve had. (The mechanic is a block that launches the boulder, which unfortunately tends to fling players because of the sudden velocity increase.)

I’ve tried CFraming the player to the boulder, doesn’t seem to work, so far I’m trying to get physics movers to work.

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Have you tried using an AlignPosition and attaching the player character using that?

You’ll still have to find a way to keep the attachment above the boulder and not have it rotate with the boulder but in theory this should work.

Was as easy as just preventing player ragdolls, the player still gains enough speed that it doesn’t really matter.

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