Have problems with porting models from sketchup

I have problems when I start porting a sketchup model piece by piece. If I do it with one mesh part, then everything will work fine. But if I import in parts because I need to add materials and color in roblox studio, then many parts will simply not be loaded, and some will be larger than others. I tried both fbx and obj. And saw that obj making more issues as missing parts and parts with incorrect size. Can someone help me with that?(i have that issues only in roblox, i ported model into blender and it looked correctly)

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I found only one way to port it. I made own mesh for every material and ported. This way has problems as giving them position and correct sizes.

If I recall correctly, typically SketchUp does not orient the normals (the information telling an application what direction a face is pointing) to the outside of a mesh. You may be able to import it to Blender, click on the mesh, click the area on the top bar saying “Object Mode” and then click the “Edit Mode” button. (shown here)

After that, press the A key to select all - the object should turn a shade of orange if you do it correctly. From there, you can press the “Mesh” button, then press the “Clean Up” button, and then “Merge by Distance”.

After doing that, press A again until you see the object turn orange again, then press 3, and then press the Mesh button again. After doing so, navigate to the area shown in the following image, and click it. From there, just re-export the mesh and you should be fine.

Yes, it will work. But if you port model with some amount of objects from sketchup into blender with one file. They will be ported as one object.