Have semi empty models always auto removed?

I have a system for applying morphs to a character, and part of that is that it puts a
morph model as a child to each character.

In some morphs this model is empty, except for disabled local scripts, that the client can find and enable if needed.

However, I noticed today that the morph model was being deleted in characters that did not contain anything other than the local scripts (morph models are created and parented from server)

I didn’t remember this ever being an issue before, but to test, I simply place a part inside the model, and it was not auto deleted from the character.

So is this something new, or has this always been the case? I am on streaming enabled, could that be the reason? Although this is only happening about 2 seconds ‘after’ the server parents it to the character.

If this is not normal, then maybe I am somehow deleting it myself, but I have scoured through my code, and the only thing that made a difference was whether I had a part in the model or not.