Have Social Links open in Browser or the their Dedicated App


Right now, when you open a social link on the Roblox Mobile App. The link will open directly in the Roblox App as opposed to a separate browser or the dedicated app.

The image below is when I tapped a Twitter link on a group page. Twitter proceeded to open directly in the Roblox app, as opposed to the Twitter app of which I have installed. Plus if I was to browse Twitter in the Roblox app, it’d require me to login to Twitter, when I’m already logged in on the app and in a browser.


When opening a social link on mobile. Roblox should check the applications on your mobile device and ask you if you wish for it to be opened in said app. Whether it be Safari, Chrome or the dedicated application. As browsing in the Roblox app, you’ll need to re-login to that site, which isn’t ideal at all.

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