Have some consistency with uploading Licensed Music and finish the job

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find fitting tracks for my experiences. I am encountering too many uplifting songs and most of my experiences take on serious or mature tones. Roblox has licensed libraries which can fit my needs and they aren’t getting uploaded.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could look forward to browsing a heart catalogue of Licensed Music that can fit the tone I approach with my experiences and I can have a larger variety than just a single type of mood.

Time and time again Roblox has expressed the desire to protect creators’ rights especially when it comes to audio content. We have gotten many updates in terms of permissions and a lot of new assets to use in the marketplace but it simply isn’t enough. Roblox always stops short when it comes to Licensed Music and it’s really painful as a developer who doesn’t have the kind of capital, connections or paperwork to otherwise obtain a license myself for the music I want.

There have been several feature requests requesting Roblox to address the issue of an unfinished job in uploading music assets. There are several libraries and albums that Roblox has licensed and has not uploaded in full or at all; they have been acknowledged and lack action years later. New tracks are added to these libraries as well and Roblox isn’t pursuing an update with those licenses to make sure that they get the new soundtracks in the marketplace as well.

March 9th was the last time we received any kind of update regarding audio assets on the platform. A very hearty promise was made on this thread:

By March 22, our current licensed music catalog will receive a newly curated selection of more than 100,000 rights-cleared songs and more than 100,000 new professionally-produced SFX from top audio and music partners like APM, Monstercat, Pro Sound Effects, Nettwerk Music Group and Position Music for you to use.

To date: ONLY TWO of these have been fulfilled and barely in full. We now have a hearty selection of sound effects to use (it still feels like an unfinished job and it’s an utter pain to search, let alone the lack of adequate indexing) and only a few updates to music and that’s only APM. I do not see a single track from Position Music (and I’ve eyed several that I want to use, so I know with high confidence but not certainty) and the APM library is still grossly lacking in upload progress.

WHEN can we as the developer community expect Roblox to follow up on audio uploads? Again, not all of us developers have the standing to pursue such a large topic like audio on our own. These initiatives help the developer community as a whole and it doesn’t feel right at all when they’re left unfinished and uncommunicated.


This really needs more attention than what it should be, as there are certain kinds of genres of Music that we as Developers need to properly fit the scene, mood, & layout for which will properly fit our game’s setting on certain occasions

Something that I personally want, is the ability to search through specific authors (Cause searching through someone’s Player Name doesn’t exactly help our scenario since the Audio Update hit) so that we’re able to pick more across a wide variety of songs from a composer whose music that we enjoy, & makes our scenarios easier to choose from


It’s crazy how ROBLOX (Even to this day) has not given us any sort of recent input until the last major change in regards to the Audio Library, but I sincerely hope that we get some sort of update about this as it’s been almost over 10 months since then

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