Have to upload twice for Mesh to show

This is a bug where meshes upon uploading do not show up much like a corrupted union. When uploading the Mesh, at fist it is not visible but still retains shadows and collision data. Normally when uploading a mesh it loads on the first try. This is by adding it from the properties bar and loading it from file directly into the game.

This bug happens almost every time and is fixed by re-uploading it with the settings prompted you chose previously. To reproduce, select a file in game when adding the mesh. Select your settings that are prompted and the mesh appears with no visuals. Upload again exactly as you did before and it loads. This creates 2 instances in your inventory of the exact mesh but only 1 of them show the first time you upload it.

The bug happens in studio. Here is a place I tested it out on. Upon closing and re-opening the game, the meshes were fixed. However this is inconvenient when you need to place it right away.

I’ve encountered this bug weeks if not months ago. This has been a problem for awhile but since I’m uploading over 400 mesh parts this week it’s become a real hassle. Hopefully this gets fixed.


Can confirm. It happens quite frequently every once in awhile. Sometimes, it takes more than two tries in order for it to show up though


This may be similar to the issue with creating unions, I don’t know exactly have the solution but it’s most likely related to the same issue that stops unions from showing.
Hope this helps!

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Can also confirm, hard to reproduce since it just occurs randomly


Please read the bug report in detail. I have followed every step to properly assess this situation.

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I have this issue sometimes, but I have a similar issue as well:

When I export a mesh from studio to a .obj file, it will not save the first time. I have to do it again for it to actually save the mesh.


I get this so frequently. Feels like every few meshes I upload one will turn up invisible and I would have to re-upload it. Re-uploading the mesh is not a hard thing to do but I hate that it just hurts the moderation team.


Hi @TheKatorium,

I don’t think we’ve seen this problem in the office. How exactly are you uploading the meshes? Are you using the Import button in the game explorer?

It sounds like the meshes are uploaded correctly but just don’t always show?


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Hey! If you upload the mesh in studio via file, this glitch will occur. It also has to be a mesh in which the data has not been used before. There are a few others I’ve seen in the community experiencing this.

I don’t understand how you are uploading the mesh in Studio. Which buttons are you clicking? We have several ways of uploading meshes in Studio and some of them go through slightly different code paths.

Question wasn’t directed towards me but I upload my meshes through Game Explorer and this happens to me.

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Step 1) Insert MeshPart
Step 2) Choose file in “Appearance” property

When mesh loads for the first time, the geometry is invisible. Upon loading the mesh twice, it will recover that data and show up. Leaving and coming back also resolved this glitch.

Thank you @TheKatorium, that helped me understand it better! @Nosniy is also getting the issue by uploading via the game explorer, so it seems like the issue is not with the upload itself but with the meshes just not showing afterwards?

a I actually just add the mesh through the mesh folder in game explorer but I haven’t experienced the problem after Mesh splitting update

I can confirm that this happens to me very often when I upload through the file icon in a meshpart, and often I need to re-upload the file for it to show up the second time. While it is easy to work around, it becomes a bit frustrating when uploading a large amount of meshes. An error also occurs in the output upon this happening.

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I feel like this issue might be related to Roblox now censoring assets that haven’t been moderated or have been moderated for the person who uploaded them, and then their team.

This issue occurs quite frequently with Images as well.

Indeed, this issue also occurs with textures uploaded together with meshes, sometimes it’ll error instantly in the output, meaning that texture can’t be used, unless you upload the mesh again…

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This is correct! The meshes upload perfectly fine but fail to appear after the first try.

Thank you @TheKatorium! I have filed a ticket in our bug tracker.

I can recommend trying to use the import button in the game explorer instead. It allows you to import multiple meshes at a time. You will have to manually insert the meshes afterwards (double-click the mesh). There is also an option to insert it with it’s location in the right-click context menu.