Have users insert their account PIN code before sending a trade


A friend of my mine brought up this idea and I think that it’s great. Honestly the pin code should be used around the site more often and probably if we could have different pins for different areas that’d be nice.


I would like to have this option enabled for everything tbh. logging in, buying stuff in the catalog, editing things in groups, getting a 5 robux dev product, etc. I have 100x more money on roblox then my own bank account yet it feels way less secure, even with 2-step.


This was kinda suggested here actually (well, some of the points you mentioned!) Pin number on asset purchases


Oh sweet! I wonder what the knowledgeable people of rbxdev think about-…oh…oh ok.


I think this a great idea, although I’d maybe edit that slightly. Imagine putting your pin in every time you wanted to send/view a trade, it would soon get annoying. What about making a trading page, much like the settings page only this page requires your pin to enter. I’d imagine the page would look like some kind of dashboard.


This is self defeating and likely won’t happen unless ROBLOX creates a separate pin for users.

The pin was added for parents (not children) so that they could block their children from modifying their privacy settings. Imagine having to either

  1. get your parent to input the pin every time you want to send a trade
  2. tell your child the pin that you added so that they couldn’t change their privacy settings

Unless I’m missing the purpose of the pin or there already is a separate pin, this itself isn’t good. I understand your goal with this, but its not compatible with the reason for the pin.


Simply put, it would kinda work like Steam where before a trade gets sent, or before buying certain things, they send an email or text with a pin that the player needs to then input. I think that’s a good idea, but have it able to toggle rather then an auto setting as it would serve some people better then others, and parents as said above might get a bit annoyed if they’re getting 50 texts a day.


And also here :grin:


This idea is for users to set up a higher security on their account. Having a safety wall on almost every action on the site will make more of a hassle for people who shouldn’t have access in certain places to not have access at all unless they have every single pin code

EDIT: Very similar to how the iPhone has a setting to set up your pin code in a LOT of areas


This has actually been recommended and requested by the community quite a lot, Steam is a perfect example of how this system should work.

For some reason ROBLOX has neglected to do anything of this sort aside from the 2-factor authentication, which I think is not enough., and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work if someone gets your cookie.

I’m smart enough to remember a 4 digit code, and I don’t mind typing it in here or there, I’m sure the hackers on my account won’t mind.


I’m just letting you know that it would have to be something separate rather than the current code.


I’d like to be able to give/buy my 3 year old niece robux, but I know she’ll accidentally spend it on a bad game. The PIN could solve that as well.


Just wanted to bump this topic as I’d really like the option to set up a requirement to enter my account ‘parent pin’ before accepting or sending a trade, this would be a good extra step in preventing my limiteds or valueables from being taken which is the general aim for ‘hackers’ who steal accounts as they sell the items on blackmarket.


Support, at least an option to enable it for trading!