Having a problem where the player cant go up slight ledges, ladders or stairs in server

If I hit the play button on Roblox studio, I am able to walk up ledges, ladders, and stairs normally. However, if I test it in a server or publish the game I can’t walk up these things that I could in the studio???

Here I can’t walk up the ledge, this is in test server or published.

Here is when I hit play on Roblox studio, its seems i am able to go through the platform slighty than afterwards it walks me up the ledge on the platform

My guess is that the humanoid’s MaxSlopeAngle was modified, either by a script or by the game settings, check and see if its normal upon starting the game.

The property is also editable in game settings, check and see if its normal here as well.


As @harule mentioned, this is due to your humanoid’s Max Slope Angle.

Something must be modifing this in the game.

You can check if it is modified in-game using:

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Or Ctrl + Shift + F to find MaxSlopeAngle in any scripts in Studio, so you can directly deal with the source without going in-game to print and then run back to Studio.

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