Having active terrain tool causes issues with focus

Roblox Studio puts anything related to the terrain tools under the camera object in Workspace.

This action causes some issues with the focus key (F)
– You would expect the camera to zoom the item you have selected, but instead, it’ll get a zoomed out shot.

Video –
Roblox studio bug - YouTube

In order to recreate – Use terrain tools, (sea-level tool seems to be more common), click out of the widget so box goes away, then try and select and focus on any object in workspace, happens for all types, models, or parts/unions.

A possible fix would be to move the editor parts under Terrain instead, not sure how it works internally.

This only happens if you were to just click out of the widget itself.

Don’t know exactly when this started, but ive been having it for multiple years at this point.


Sorry for being late to this. We’ll take a look now.


Thanks, hopedully with the terrain tools being updated this can be fixed finally. :grinning::+1: