Having big issues getting kicked for an unknown reason

Hello everyone,
Since the past 2 weeks, we’ve been experiencing some weird issues in a game I develop with some mates. Lately we’ve been receiving a kick message which we can’t understand and which Roblox wouldn’t kick you at this way.

Basically the error is “Please check your internet connection and try again. Error Code: 277” And then below it shows (Error Code: 267). So we thought, we indeed have a backdoor and this is happening because of it. But, after checking EVERY script, deleting some which seemed suspicious, we are still experiencing it.

We also tried switching Adonis versions in case it was outdated, but it seems we didn’t find it out. And it’s not an exploiter, after checking the players who join it doesn’t match to be able to be one. We even have a age limit script for minimum 30 players to join the game.

Does anyone know what this could be caused by? We have even restricted the :ins and :insert command for Administrators+ in case anyone was inserting it somehow.

Here are the images of what we receive:

In the Developer Console it looks like this;

Hopefully someone can help us, we are out of ideas of what we could do to solve this.

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Your game is infected, i guess. Is a model of something.
You need to tell all moment that you use the function ‘require’

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Someone troll you, in command kick you can put any resson,but you can’t delete basic text:You were kicked from this experience: <–Here text you putted in kick command and then error code in another line. Someone putted this script.


Here how this script looks:

Player:Kick("Please check your internet connection and try again. Error Code: 277")

Try to find something similar to this.


We checked even the functions that use require and we couldn’t find anything that could be doing this kick problem. We are really out of ideas.

Your game got probably infected by a virus or something,
Go into the View tab and enable Find All / Replace All

Into the TextBox type require then :Kick, if theres any parts of scripts that look suspicious just delete them.

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We have done the Find All/Replace All, we checked all :Kick and require and there’s nothing that matches that. We only have one which is for the age requirement and was done after this stuff started to happen.

I have idea.
There are hackers that set in the DataStoreService a require.
So every moment that any script load from the DataStoreService there are something like a require that infect the current server and troll with these kick

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That does do my head in when I do play The Spongy Construction. I hate this issue everytime, so I keep getting kicked when I play The Spongy Construction.
SBDemo actually made the game, when I play it, I keep getting kicked from the game, since the HACKERS do my head in all the time.

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Use Find All/Replace All to check for:
getfenv and require

If you completely remove adonis, are you still kicked?

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Remove Adonis and see if that resolves the issue.

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The thing is this only happens when at least people who are not staff join the game, but right it is a good idea to try out without Adonis.

Well, look, it’s some virus that’s in some game that can end up kicking you for false internet disconnections.

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