Having HitBox Issues

Hello There!
I am trying to detect a collition between a part and a Humanoid so it can damage the humanoid.
But my problem is that the Part i want to have to collide is too fast and it doesnt collide with humanoids.
I have tried runservice (Heartbeat) and made a function that detects humanoids from a certain range with Magnitude.

You can see from the video below that it only hits the humanoid only when the Part comes back to the character because its much slower (the Part that detects the collition is at the Hands)

robloxapp-20210731-1205410.wmv (3.5 MB)

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

Try firing a Raycast from the arms to Mouse.Hit instead. This should detect collisions much more consistently.

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It worked! and its so acurate too, thanks!