Having Issues to make a visible ui on click on another ui

I am making a windows XP game and having a download button so it basically make a invisible icon or whatever set to visible but the button is in another ui that’s not the same and my script don’t wanna work


script.Parent.Parent.Options.Startup.ChangePicMain.ChangePic4.Visible = true


Could u send me Pictures from the Explorer?

sorry for the mess

Hello, your path has a small mistake

This path is better

    script.Parent.Parent.ChangePicMain.ChangePic4.Visible = true

i tried this and this came up in the output Options is not a valid member of ScreenGui “Players.SomeOddYtber2.PlayerGui.Options”

Sorry. I edit my message. Now that will work

this did infact show but it didnt show when i clicked it it just showed the game played

You forget to put that on a function connected to the event MouseButton1Click

Put that on your script

         script.Parent.Parent.ChangePicMain.ChangePic4.Visible = true


script.Parent.Parent:WaitForChild(“ChangePicMain”):WaitForChild(“ChangePic4”).Visible = true


– U dont need that many "Parent"´s

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Thanks to



For helping me!

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No Problem!
If u need more help tell me.

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question is it possible for to have a search like google but the script has a maxium of what comes up like google i realise this is properly impossible but ive had this answer

Can you explain it to me with more details?

so you search for something and little bars come up for search suggestions ofc a script will control it without it getting odd… like a search engine


Like this?

This issue has been re unsolved i tried moving it in another ui frame but this did not make it work

Hey, is your Problem that you need help to script this or your UI is not working?

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I have a intention for making things break on complete accident i was moving it to another ui and tested edit some code didnt work so i reverted the code back and its ye broke

Could u send me the Scripts or the complete UI then i will see if i can fix it.

thats alot of scripts how about i send a copy of the game if you want that is but we will be here for ages putting scripts on