Having issues with joints attached to other parts/ parts not being connected to joints at all


I have tried looking around here to get find anything, but i haven’t found anything that seems to be even the slightest close to my issue. Can someone help me please? i have been struggling on this for a while, and someone on a discord server tried to help but they weren’t very descriptive and it still ended up not working anyways.

Ah the classic broken rig issue
are you sure you rigged the parts right
and have the hrp as the primary part?
the other issue could be the parts have the same name

Yes, i had to have the HumanoidRootPart set as the primary root part or i would have not been able to export my rig to Blender. I feel like the some of the parts having the same name shouldnt be an issue as thats what i see some of the developers that i watch do, as i dont ever use the animator in the studio and only Blender as my animation/3d modeling.

mostly the issue is the same name issue just name ur neck to smth like neck1 neck2 and so on
or neckattachment1

or it could be that you dont have a head part but it seems like you do have a head part

Oml thank you! i have been struggling with this with multiple different models and i finally fixed this issue with your help. :smiley: