Having problem on learning scripting

Hi, I’m moga. A gfx artist.I’ve been trying to learn scripting for a whole year now.But, I still can’t learn it

Basically, I’ve been stuck at the begineers for a pretty long period.

I’ve tried watching youtube scripting toturials. I’ve tried to follow my dev friend’s way of learning. I’ve tried learning from the official roblox documadation.

I really need a walkthrough of how u learnt scripting so any help is apreciated.


I am happy to see a fellow human encouraged to walk on the path of being a successful scripter on Roblox Luau programming language. I am very excited to tell you tips on how to be ready and walk on that glorifying path for your future.

Let me tell you how I become a a proficient scripter in the community. It was a bright morning and I was feeling bored with scripting my daily usual languages such as Java, .htm, .py and etc. I told myself about learning a new computer language and making myself motivated in making games with it… " Why not I start learning Luau ( Roblox Programming langauge which is High-Level also ). ".

I grabbed my notebook and sat down in front of the laptop to start learning. Did a couple of Google searches and all I could find was the devforum of Roblox where people posted their questions or issues related to coding Luau. I dug more and finally found the informative devforum of Roblox where it has meanings to each and every functions, keywords, methods and services. This website was not helpful to me on that day since I had no clue on the syntax of how to code Luau.

I went on YouTube and searched " Roblox Luau scripting tutorial ". Watched a couple of videos of AlvinBlox and then few of other small creators but to my luck, I couldn’t understand anything. Gave up on my own path and learning process and decided to focus on my studies for the next 6-7 months.

Came back on Roblox to play few games and I noticed one of my good friends doing something on Roblox Studio. I then got my interest back into learning scripting… A famous YouTuber named TheDevKing taught efficient ways of learning Luau from the very root level to peak level of programming luau.

I suggest you to learn scripting slowly and not everything at once. You may watch any sorts of coding to grasp the very basics of computer languages. Make sure to note down everything and constantly revising all of them on a daily basis. It might take some time but trust me, it will all be kept together and you will learn any language in this way. Good luck from my side, mate!

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I started out as a beginner. We all did. But now, I can make pretty advanced scripts. I started watching tutorials like you but never really learnt from them (probably because I never cared enough to actually try). Instead of watching tutorials, I started improvising my scripts and tried to do what made sense. When my scripts went wrong, I searched for errors in my code to see the problem. Debugging, of course was a challenge for a beginner. Sometimes, I turned to devforum for help and found solutions and tried to implement it into my code. I learnt the basics. After that, I tried to learn the advanced parts of scripting. It wasn’t easy, of course. I practiced until I could use them flawlessly, and until now, I still learn some scripting. This shows that you’ll never know everything and that it takes time. Hope this helps (it probably won’t)!

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Roblox Documentation is very confusing and I would not recommend it.
Watch DevKing’s beginner and intermediate tutorials in YouTube. There you will learn all you need to make a game. When you start making your first game, you will have questions which DevForum can answer. And do not be ashamed to ask stupid questions in DevForum it is a path everyone has gone through. Good Luck!

  1. DevKing Youtube Tutorials
  2. Developer Forum
  3. Roblox Documentation (More Advanced)
  4. Modeling 3D Meshes (Recommend Blender)

I agree that the documentation can be confusing for beginners, particularly if you are an inexperienced programmer in general. However, Roblox Documentation can be very useful when you get past the initial ‘beginner’ stage, so I would not recommend shying away from it entirely!

I personally learnt by just making games I wanted to. I didn’t publish these games, but I learnt something new every single time that helped me become a better programmer, even if it was just learning how to refine small aspects of my code. This approach may work for you, it may not! Personally tutorials weren’t helping me as I found myself just copying the code and not actually learning anything from them, so if you are going to use tutorials to learn make sure you avoid doing this!
If you ever get stuck, looking around here on devforum can be a very useful place as (more times than not) someone will have experienced the same issue as you.

I wish you luck learning! :smiley:


I learned scripting in a unique way I guess. What I did was I did watch some YouTube tutorials on game functions (How to make a Dev product, to Datastores, to Screen Guis etc.) and forced myself to understand every line of code and what it did. If I couldn’t solve it, then I would go to The dev forum/roblox documentation and see if anyone had an issue with ‘this line of code’ that then would explain it to me.

I looked for ways that make my life simpler. An important concept, is that you can use 1 script to control many things. A common thing on the dev forum that people don’t understand when they are starting, is that you don’t need 300 scripts → to control 300 killbricks in like an obby. You can use one script, and it is extremely wasteful to use 300. As you start growing as a scripter, It might be important to do some checks on yourself by asking “Can I simplify this?”

Also I would like to say, please don’t use deprecated objects!! You will find that there is some tutorials that just won’t work because it is out of date (Meaning there is another way to do what you want to do)

It’s a good habit to start early with not using Wait() and instead use task.wait(). There is way more, just that they are always changing, so make sure the things in your scripts aren’t deprecated.