Having problem selling group clothing in group homestore

I own a group that makes clothes, me and my friends upload clothes for it, Im making a homestore (a place published under the group name) for our group, but for some reason i keep getting the “this item is not currently for sale” notification. They are for sale and multiple people already bought it, but if i try to put them for sale in my group homeplace, i keep getting this error. Random clothes from the catalog will work tho. Third party sales are allowed, same studio acess to API services. Can anyone help me? This is probably something im missing
→ Screenshots and the scripts im using:



local pantsId = 8563540529

--Prompts the player to purchase the GearItem


Game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):PromptPurchase(player, pantsId)


If you tried doing this just now it’s most likely due to the servers being down

that would explain this.
although Roblox Status says that every thing is operational

Check again, for me it shows server disruption on almost everything ;-;

It shows on status.roblox.com now

The issue on the homepage seems to be somewhat fixed, but studio is still not working.

I guess I will have to spend my time making blender models.

Hello guys, thank you for the replies but my problem is still occuring. All systems are operational rn and im still getting the not for sale error, does anyone knows what may be causing this?

ok omg i just figured out the problem on my own, its something really stup!d that i missed lol, i copied the TEMPLATE ID and not actually the product ID. When you copy the url and paste it to the “clothing” property inside the dummy, roblox automatically changes the product ID to the image ID the humanoid is gonna wear in game, so i mistankenly ctrl+c’d the changed ID directly from the humanoid shirts and pants and pasted it into the selling script, wich caused the error. Sorry if this is difficult to understand, english is not my main language.

TLTR: I was selling the pants/shirt image id, not the actual product itself.

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