Having problems with image content moderation

Hey guys i’ve been making posters for my cat town (just to give the place a bit more life and colour), i’ve been having trouble uploading certain items as they are getting caught by the content moderator, annoyingly i’m not being told exactly whats wrong with them. can any of you guys help me figure out what it is?



The first one has a link, you have to censor it. The second one has “non-binary” which isn’t allowed because it involves sexuality and you’re not supposed to talk about that on ROBLOX. The third one has “murder” in it so it’s not being allowed.

Also, I don’t recommend posting about moderation lol

Edit: Just realised all of them either had a phone number or link. I don’t know why you would even add these things, you should know that they aren’t allowed because kids might go to that link or use a phone to call that number.


Thanks that helped me solve it…It was the fake phone numbers and links that did it… also the word “GIVEAWAY” is moderated, “MURDER” and “NON-BINARY” are not currently moderated terms

Whats wrong with posting about moderation btw? i’m not trying to game the system, i just want to know whats is appropriate? like i guess scams are a bit problem so “givaway” and web links are triggering it more than anything else.

They could take down your post if you complain about moderation lol

Lol fair enough, thanks for the tip XD

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They won’t take this down don’t worry. It’s just asking a question about why something was moderated so you know how to change it.

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I’m pretty sure both of those words are allowed. I have seen many things with “non-binary” in them. Also, if this was true, any decals and images for murder mystery would be moderated. I think the problem is “Give-away.” This is a moderated term to prevent scams. It’s the phone numbers. I would make them (555) 555 55XX numbers.

Also, I would sign those images before posting. They are extremely well made and people might try to steal them.

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