Having shoes as a separate thing to pants

In roblox, there is an incredible amount of customization and unique combinations for how your avatar looks. However, shoe choice is limited to the ones provided on the pants you buy. I think that shoes should work similar to how t-shirts work, where people can make pants and shoes separately, allowing the user to have a huge range of choice of which shoes they want. They wouldnt need to be 3D, and should just work the same as the pants do now however they are limited to the bottom section of the legs. Designers would then also have the option to put the shoes directly onto their pants still, but people can override this if they want different shoes as they will simply lay ontop of the pants, like t-shirts work.

This may be confusing for many people, but I think it would increase the customization offered to the user. Sometimes I find some pants that I really like, however the shoes could be low quality and/or not what I am looking for to match those pants. As a clothing designer, I can get around this by making my own pants, but many people would struggle with this and may not get the avatar look they want.

I would personally love to see this on roblox!

Many thanks,


Layered clothing will be a thing soon and from what I know they did show a graphic where the avatar has shoes. Assuming that they keep to it - layered clothing will have shoes as an option.