Having trouble deciding on if I should allow mobile/tablet support for a PVP game

Hey all, in need of some assistance. My game is close to release and it has full mobile+tablet support, but I’m not sure if allowing players to play on mobile is the right call. I’m going back and forth with myself and can’t seem to decide on what to do.

My Issue: On one hand, spending 1/3rd of my total sponsoring budget for mobile will net me x3 more impressions than PC players. However, my game is a player versus player game. Mobile is just naturally at a disadvantage. Why? Because it’s harder to move around and aim. While you can definitely get by and still play the game successfully, I feel like this added layer of difficulty for playing on mobile might deter some players away. This is also a concern for the games rating ratio’s.

Looking for feedback from all players, and would definitely appreciate hearing any mobile players thoughts on the matter. Would you rather be able to play the game on mobile if there’s no PC available to you or would you rather not play at all?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: If there was mobile+tablet support the first thing in the game description would read: “Mobile supported but PC play for the best experience.” Something like that. Would that be the right call?

I would definitely add mobile support but adjust matchmaking to keep pc and mobile apart because PC players would have a advantage.

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Unfortunately the game has no way of matchmaking since it’s a round based game(1-3 minutes per game) with a lobby. This would throw everyone together. Would you recommend I just make a separate version of the game for mobile?

Yes, that is what i would do it.