Having Trouble Enabling shift lock

I have found posts on this topic however I don’t want to use the camera module as it is not a permanent shift lock.

My game relies on shift lock until player dies however People complain about turning it on themselves.

Any way to enable it when player spawns and disable it when player dies?

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You can use this module to easily toggle a ShiftLock like camera when you wish:

If you wanted to enabled/disable ShiftLock when the player Dies/Respawns, you could connect the .Died and .CharacterAdded event to the ToggleLock() function of the module.


Apparently this module is not working for some people. If it doesn’t work for you, I would recommend investigating this example, that I know works from past experience.

Doesn’t look like you’ve read the OP.

They want a way to toggle between (en/dis)abling shift lock without forking the camera scripts.

Also, this not a future-proof solution.

That appears to not work.

I read the replies as well to no avail

Oof! Apparently it is not working due to roblox removing an API.

Here is a system that I know works from past experience, that you can edit to work for you.

It is designed to work when a Tool is equipped/unequipped, but you can easily customize it to work for you.

I will look into it.

Thanks for help!

Having trouble downloading this and opening it into roblox studio…