Having trouble importing the mesh

Hello, I was planning to import an FBX model of wings, but unfortunately, the model has a questionable incorrect position.

We can see here that the model has incorrectly placed planes and they’re not correct in the wings.

Here we have how it’s supposed to look when imported.

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i still have not figured it out id appreciate help

um your viewing it in a different angle, maybe thats why your seeing something wrong

No, once imported, the planes are just not in the right location where they’re supposed to be.

As shown in Blender, they’ll all inside the each of the wings. While in Studio it shows those planes sticking out of it instead of it looking loke it’s supposed to in Blender.

Solution alternatively fixed;
Weight Paint might have been weirdly adjusted.

I’ve remade the armature with automatic weights this time instead of weight painting it myself.

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