Having trouble with empty space, lobby doesn't feel "complete"

In the game I’m making, there’s a lobby, as with many games. The issue is that it doesn’t really feel like a completed game, just because the lobby feels so empty in some areas.
I’m not really a builder, so I’m not too experienced with this.


Everything looks fine, but as soon as you go anywhere around it, it starts to fall apart. I don’t really want to copy paste the same bushes/trees either, so what can I do?

I’ve tried adding some terrain variation, and also adding a few more decorations, but it still looks overall empty.

If anyone can help, or give any advice, it would be appreciated!


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Rocks and trees? Maybe small bodies of water? Random NPCs? Not to many NPCs of course, just a few simple ideas.

The water helped for this part, thanks.

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definitely try turning on the terrain grass if you haven’t yet
look for Terrain in workspace and turn on the MaterialDecorations property

also the emptiness of the map could not just be lacking of decorations, it can also be from where you position the buildings and the scale of the lobby

other than that, like turtletrooper12 said, more rocks and trees, NPCs would help give life to your map a lot

lighting. your game lacks tailored lighting or even stuff from atmos. (Highly recommend. very well done.)