Hawkins Security HR Guidelines

Hawkins Security HR Guidelines

Welcome. This post will guide you through what you can an cannot do as a HR, Developer, or Executive.

So, let’s get started.

All administration members:

A1. Do not abuse any admin permissions granted to you. Abuse can be defined as disrupting normal operations (the server, a training, etc). Anything that can clearly be defined as abuse, such as granting random people admin, unanchoring everything, will be punished. Minor abuse can be counted as giving a person a wrong tool, wrong role, etc.

Higher Ranks [Lower Administration]:



DEV1. Developers may edit any Hawkins Game unless they have been told not to by an EX. Then don’t edit that game.

DEV2. Developers may work on “single projects”, such as a sector addition to the HSTF. Within reason. You can’t randomly decide that you want HSTF to be 100 floors tall.

DEV3. Do not delete other people’s work! They probably worked quite hard on it.

DEV4. Free models are highly discouraged. If you need to use a few, they must ALL be screened from malicious scripts.


EX1. Executives are effectively discounted from most restrictions listed above, with the exception of “All Administration” rules. These apply to you too.

EX2. Directors have effective total control over their respective department. Keep in mind, “effective”. You can’t decide the HIA is now a cafe group.