Hay Bales Handbook

Hay Bales Handbook
Hi! Hay Bales, is an event group and giveaway group here on the ROBLOX platform! By having active members that love to attend events, being active in our communications server, and more!
This handbook contains many useful things that may come to you if you ever come up stopping you from having a good journey on the Hay Bales games and platform.

Group link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6049419/Hay-Bales#!/about

Important Rules

Our main goal is a safe and fun events for the community to enjoy, therefore, we have set explicit rules and if you break them, there will be consequences.

  1. Bypassing is NOT allowed in any form.
  2. Spamming repetitive texts and/or bypass texts will result in a ban.
  3. Abusing caps more than a few times will result in a kick, or a mute.
  4. We do not allow toxicity in our events, due to toxicity will lead to arguments, and more.
  5. Complaining about server regions is not prohibited. Whatever host’s server region is, it will stay.
  6. Exploiting is an instant PBAN. There are no second chances. Don’t do it.
  7. Any form of advertising will result in a kick/or ban.
  8. Be respectful, don’t create drama, or arguments.
  9. Acting superior and better everyone over a staff member (or higher rank in this case) is a punishable offense. Do not do it. A moderator’s word is final.
  10. Petitions against other members or games is not allowed, as it counts as bullying.
  11. No drama in any form.
  12. We are an ENGLISH group.
How to Apply

We are delighted you are interested in applying to be a trainee host at Hay Bales!
To apply, you must be in our Discord, and we release applications there. The link is in our group’s social links.
You also must have a lot of experience in game shows, and going to our events and being active for a higher chance.

Affiliate Requirements (OPEN!)

-Must have 200+ group members (If we see potential may make exceptions)
-Must have 45+ discord members
-Must not have a toxic community
-Have no past drama or history with our server/group or with any of our affiliates
-Must have active community
-Must not have any blacklisted staff as MRs+ in group
-Must not be a group that has scamming history
-Must be willing to do ally visits with us or at your group
-Must have at least 1-2 members from your group to represent your group
-Your server MUST follow all Discord Terms of Service
-Your server MUST follow all Roblox Terms of Service

To apply, please join the Discord (In group social links)


Event Center
Musical Chairs
Parkour Master
F3X Battle

Thank you for reading the Hay Bales Handbook!
This handbook was written by 2i_van.
Hay Bales 2020-2021.