HB | Event Center Update Log and Credits

Hay Bales Event Center Update Log and Credits
Version 3.2.6 | Spring is coming!
Spring is only a month away, so the game is coming closer and closer to its final update!

  • Statues have been updated
  • Clock time is now 18, slowly becoming brighter!
  • Teams have been updated, since ranks have been updated

Pass Updates

Version 3.2.5

With Spring coming closer and closer, the snow goes away! With the new update, we are happy to update our statues, and the snow going away!

  • Snow is removed on the hill, buildings, etc
  • Trees are now back to green!
  • All Christmas items have been removed
  • Statues and usernames have been updated, and new statues.
Version 3.2.4
  • Statues in the hallway have been added. (Developer statues will be added soon)
  • Added stockings with all SHR names.
  • Added holiday lights down the main hallway.
  • Christmas wreaths are outside, inside, on the stage, and on doors.
  • Removed bottom right Hay Bales icon UI.
  • Shop UI and Music UI made white with different tones of color.
  • Staff of the season statues updated.
  • Usernames updated for the statues.
  • Added Christmas poles.
  • The stage’s scene has changed from a day time scene to a Christmas home scene.
  • Mountains outside have been changed from orange fall color to white winter color.
  • Trees have been changed to a white color.
Version 3.2.3
  • Admin updated with new rank IDs.
  • Teams have been updated.
  • Pt. 1 of Christmas update.

Development Credits

  • iv2w
  • runas_lollipop
  • aIyssums
  • iv2w
  • PlayfulJoel
Graphic Designers
  • iv2w
  • zealouslyy
  • nancy1183
UI Design
  • iv2w
  • PlayfulJoel
Top Donators
  • ultraisIands
  • iv2w
  • HyperJustinn
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