HBS, intellectual property contributions

For Integrity and respect towards the respected creations of previous developers we have a published list showcasing what our developers have contributed to Halifax, Bus Simulator.

Tundra_Swann - Builder / 3D Modeler

Dartmouth Bridge Area Buildings

Dartmouth Shopping Centre


Additionally Contributed to some of the roads made in game
helped with interior work on RUBI / WAVE fleet.

marianisskinny - 3D Modeling / Graphics Artist

Contributed some road work.
Contributed to interiors of RUBI / Wave fleet.
Contributions of Liveries for buses.

mludovicus - Builder / 3D Modeler

Burnside Park Buildings

mnannago - Scripting contrubutions for various tasks, mainly scipting for bus spawning system.

Jambud VoltronPaladin01 - 3D Modeler / Vehicle Developer


Chassis And Modifications Credits: TheBusFoamer

WaveSolutions - 3D Modelers / Vehicle Developers / Programmers

XD40, LFS, XD60

Chassis Credits: zack984, YouImAGIneEverything, WaveSolutions, RUBI Bus

Disclaimer: All Custom Assets are the sole IP “intellectual property” of Halifax, Bus Simulator & RobDevz Productions™!
Branding, Modifications, and any assets created for the NSTN “Nova Scotia Transit Network” are rightfully owned and are only authorized for use within the NSTN. Aquired Assets such as buses or other assets not created for the NSTN, are all being used with consent and permission of use from the respected creator of said asset(s).

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