HC Ship Simulator

HC Ship Simulator is a ship driving game by Helsinki Cruises. It was released on 1.1.2024 and is free to play. The game includes Helsinki Cruises’ old and present vessels and ports that players can explore. Apart from sailing you can also hop on your friend’s vessel and have a cruise!

Version 1.21 - 09/06/2024

  • Added 2nd port to Helsinki (2018)
  • Fixed an issue with port select UI at spawn
  • Fixes & Improvements

Update Archive

Version 1.20 - 10/05/2024
  • Added time leaderboard
  • Added option to spawn vessels without an interior
  • Added a map at the spawn
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Adjusted the vessel camera
  • Improved the saving of data
  • M/S Europa is now group only vessel
  • Texts that were not supposed to be translated are no longer translated
  • Vessels and ports are now in correct chronological order
  • General fixes & improvements

HOTFIX 10/05/2024

  • Fixed issue with in-game gamepass purchases not refreshing the vessel list / locking the bought vessels after a respawn
  • Fixed buying M/S Maestro not causing a vessel list refresh
  • Fixed leaderboard saving
  • Fixed vessel selecting UI not going away after stepping off of the spawner
  • Fixed vessel selecting UI not having a back button
Version 1.19 - 21/04/2024
  • Brand new lobby! (thanks to @YeetTheFeat807)
  • Added global distance leaderboard
  • Added time spent statistic (leaderboard will be enabled once there are enough entries)
  • Added ship controls tutorial
  • Added more hotkeys for boatkit (R & H)
  • Added notice if you try to drive your vessel while it’s anchored
  • Added ability to have a static camera view
  • Added loading screens
  • Adjusted vessel acceleration
  • A lot of Vessel optimization
  • Map optimizations
  • Fixed notifications only showing up with the boatkit open
  • Fixed M/S Europa being a bit too low
  • Fixed control panel being visible after closing manage doors if control panel was not open before
Version 1.18 - 2/04/2024
  • Added “That never happened!” badge
  • Added accessible bridge to M/S Arctic Viking
  • Added new camera angles to few ships
  • Added missing engine sound to updated M/S Arctic X
  • Improved the car deck on M/S Viking Arctic and NB19 “Greek”
  • Improved Helsinki spawn points (no longer the wrong way)
  • Small improvements to M/S Arctic Viking
  • Engine sounds now change depending on speed
  • Made the chat more narrower
  • M/S Quarter X is now group only ship
  • Fixed wakes disappearing too quickly
  • Fixed anchor not stopping the ship causing characters to slide around
  • Fixed trees not having collission
  • Fixed port & ship names being translated
  • Fixed NB17 spawn position
  • Backend fixes
April Fools' Update - 1/04/2024
  • Added new vessel
  • Added “Juha Mieto!” badge
Version 1.17 - 28/03/2024
  • Added newest version of M/S Arctic X as a group only vessel!
  • New gamepass icons
  • New in-game store
  • Increased the lowest render distance for better visibility
  • General Fixes

Version 1.17B - 29/03/2024

  • Adjusted horn volume
  • Made the “Change View” button be more clear on what it does
  • Made the nights be a bit brighter (again)
  • Ship controls are now presented when you exit ship view
  • Changed some wording of different texts
  • Custom horn and jukebox now support pasting IDs with “rbxassetid://” in front
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed inputboxes being translated
  • Fixed feedback box being cleared when clicking on it
  • Fixed jukebox/custom horn input box being cleared when clicked
  • Fixed wakes not being centered
  • Fixed M/S Quarter X having random parts floating far away from the ship
  • Fixed water leaking from 9011 to the bridge
Version 1.16 - 21/03/2024
  • Map optimization
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Changes to some texts
  • Made the boatkit UI smaller so it doesn’t block your view as much on small screens
  • Made the wave on M/S Maestro wider so it actually can be seen
  • Possible fix for rare issue where you would fall through the map (If you’ve experienced this please DM me, I need some more information on it!)
  • Fixed M/S Maestro’s missing cameras
Version 1.15 - 17/03/2024
  • ADDED M/S MAESTRO!!! (in a gamepass)
  • M/S Usva bow doors are now openable
  • Improvements to spot refreshing
  • Improvements to UI
  • Adjusted lighting to be a bit brighter for better visibility at night
  • Adjusted the steering to be a bit slower when controlling with keyboard
  • Fixed side thrusters staying on after letting go of E or Q
  • Fixed being unable to spawn a new vessel after dying

Version 1.15B - 17/03/2024

  • Added missing lifeboats to M/S Maestro (who needs those anyways!?)
  • Added missing exhaust smoke to M/S Maestro
  • Other small improvements and fixes
Version 1.14 - 13/03/2024


  • Keybinds! You can now control your vessel with keyboard while in ship view
  • Added feedback box for submitting feedback (added in silent patch on 12.3.2024)
  • Adjusted the distance required for some badges
  • Visit Stockholm badge is now also given at Stockholm B
  • Possibly fixed an possible issue where clicking play wouldn’t do anything (please inform me if you experience this issue)
  • Backend improvements

Version 1.14B - 14/03/2024

  • Possibly fixed an possible issue where all the ships might not load / play button not working
  • Added some tutorial texts for how to use the ship/port selection screen
  • Added tutorial text to the menu
  • Adjusted AC volume on ships
  • Fixes to very rare issues with boatkit
  • Other small improvements
Version 1.13 - 10/03/2024
  • Added 2nd Stockholm terminal
  • Added distance leaderboard
  • Added new badge ”Rust Bucket!” for sailing the distance of 100,000
  • Improved boatkit UI
  • Flipping ship will now automatically put you in ship view
  • Fixed M/S Quarter X going underwater when flipped
  • Fixed camera not being moveable in first person when spawning without a ship
  • Fixed characters having weird collissions
Version 1.12 - 29/02/2024
  • New movable camera!
  • Purchasing 2X in-game works properly now
  • Improved ship flipping, now most of the vessels flip correctly at any rotation…
  • Performance improvements
  • Map improvements
  • Backend improvements
  • Fixed/improved the descriptions of vessels & ports
  • Possibly fixed/improved potential issue with spots refreshing

Version 1.12B - 01/03/2024

  • FINALLY FINALLY!!! fixed the ship flip feature on all vessels…
  • Adjusted the camera a bit
  • Adjusted the distance required to make spot available
  • Adjusted the amount of time spot will stay taken when player leaves before leaving the spot
  • Further fixes to fix potential issue with spot refreshing
  • Fixed wakes being flipped when flipping the vessel
  • Fixed spawning to different port than selected
  • Fixed roblox issue possibly causing boatkit not to work
  • Fixed the “fake” water disappearing

Version 1.12C - 02/03/2024

  • Made the chat narrower to make the screen less cluttered and to combat mouse getting “stuck”
  • Possibly fixed spot refreshing not working correctly
  • Fixed error that happened on join/reset and caused issues
Version 1.11 - 21/02/2024
  • Added error messages when invalid audio is used for horn or music
  • Adjusted audio volumes
  • UI improvements
  • 2X speed gamepass now also makes turning twice as fast!
  • Stopping music now doesn’t make the audio start from the beginning when played again
  • Possibly fixed rare issue with gamepasses not loading in the store
  • Fixed M/S Olympia’s bridge door being blocked
  • Fixed horn preview playing for longer than the allowed horn sound
  • Fixed both “Safety First” and “Sir You can’t Park There” badges not being obtainable
Version 1.10 - 20/02/2024
  • Added some props to Helsinki and Tallinn
  • Small map changes and improvements
  • Made day/night cycle smoother and a bit slower
  • Made the terminal signs be more visible at different times of the day
  • Added 3 default horn sounds to customize horn gamepass
  • When you customize horn it will play once so you know if it works / is what you want
  • Updated notification system to newest version
  • UI & backend fixes and improvements
  • If you click purchase on the vessel selection screen now you’ll be shown the required gamepass in the store by default
  • Names are now visible on top of players
  • Fixed seats not being seats :smiley:
  • Fixed ship selection not refreshing after purchasing a gamepass
  • Fixed buying custom horn gamepass in store would make the customization screen be visible once ship is spawned
  • Fixed store not adding the gamepasses when you go there after clicking purchase on the vessel select screen
  • Fixed purchase confirmation message now showing up at all
  • Fixed sprinting UI being bit too big on mobile
Version 1.09 - 16/02/2024
  • Added ability to set permanent day (Community request)
  • Added lights to terminals without lights
  • Added more instructions
  • Made the prop port at Stockholm more detailed
  • Terrain adjustments for easier sailing
  • Ship model optimizations
  • Map optimizations
  • Some small backend improvements

Version 1.09B - 18/02/2024

  • Added voicechat
  • Fixed teleports not working correctly at high speeds
Version 1.08 - 10/02/2024
  • Added Tallinn!
  • Added ability to spawn without a vessel!
  • Spots now only free up after the another vessel has left!
  • Made the name signs above ports bigger
  • Small UI improvements
  • General improvements
  • Fixed “Sir You Can’t Park There!” not being obtainable in some cases
  • Fixed rare issue when controls won’t load fast enough and causes error
  • Fixed rare issue when camera views won’t load fast enough and causes error
  • Fixed teleport not jumping player early enough to avoid glitching when changing back to vessel view
  • Backend fixes

Version 1.09B - 10/02/2024

  • Anchor button now has text “Anchored” when the vessel is anchored
  • Made the dock longer at Tallinn
  • Made the Quarter X tax free accessible
  • Made the Quarter X wake wider so it can now be seen properly
  • Fixed anchor button showing red instead of green when unachored after respawning
Version 1.07 - 04/01/2024
  • Added openable doors & ramps!
  • Added wake effects to all vessels
  • Added teleports to some ships without a door on the bridge
  • Added Day/Night Cycle
  • Improved Boatkit UI
  • Improved UI
  • Changed Helsinki Spawn locations for better access
  • Backend optimizations (noticeably faster spawning, also images should load faster)
  • More ship optimizations to improve performance
  • You can now press left/right multiple times to turn faster/slower
  • Fixed jukebox prompting the wrong gamepass
  • Fixed custom horn owners being able to use the jukebox
  • Fixed part blocking Olympia’s stairway

Version 1.07B - 04/01/2024

  • Added tutorial texts to the boatkit
  • Added lights to ships without lights
  • Changed color of the texts under the buttons and made the text bold to make them visible at night
  • Made day/night cycle slower
  • Fixed spawning sometimes causing you to fall under the map (if this still happens please let us know!)
  • Fixed door lines not being aligned
  • Fixed flip working multiple times (until I figure out how to fix the whole thing, there’s no way of flipping back to normal rotation)
  • Fixed spawn area not rendering correctly
  • Fixed some UIs blending in to the water at night
  • Fixed players colliding with others’ vessels (this was fixed in an earlier update)
  • Fixed pressing Hide not hiding all the panels
  • Fixed NB19 doors not showing up & teleports teleporting through the floor
Version 1.06 - 20/04/2024
  • Added engine and A/C sounds to all the ships
  • Added smoke effects to the funnels
  • Added teleports to Quarter Fast
  • Added cooldown to ship flipping
  • Improved Port of Helsinki
  • Improved performance by removing some unnecessary details and decals
  • Backend improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Removed doors blocking some areas, mostly car decks
  • Fixed camera views going underwater after flipping vessel
  • Fixed Roblox automatically localizing name tags
  • Fixed some windows that were still glass
  • Fixed ships having weird visual glitches on their bows and windows
  • Fixed the top bar buttons not being scaled correctly
  • Fixed positions of some “Safety First!” badges
Version 1.05 - 14/01/2024
  • Added Port of Helsinki (2020)!
  • Added NB17 (2018)!
  • Backend improvements and fixes
  • Switched to the new roblox chat
  • Fixed anchor button not showing correct color
  • Fixed some rare issues

Version 1.05B - 14/01/2024

  • Added text under the buttons to tell what each button does
  • Lowered server size to 10 (at least for now)
  • Fixed “This is not Stockholm” badge being awarded while being way too far away
  • Fixed M/S Arctic X flags collisions
  • Fixed some rare issues present in previous versions
Version 1.04 - 05/01/2024
  • Added signs over ports
  • More optimizations
  • Increased spot cooldown
  • Fixed spots not updating to new players
  • ^ these 2 improvements probably fix the issue with people spawning on same spot
  • Fixed Stockholm lag
  • Fixed potential infinite loading screen
  • Fixed some rare bugs
Version 1.03 - 03/01/2024
  • Texture & Mesh optimizations
  • Removed a lot of useless assets
  • Fixed rare issue with ship selector
  • Fixed “Fast Faster Fastest?” badge
  • Fixed anchor removing the speed limits
  • Fixed anchoring causing the player to slide
  • Fixed “Vessel View” teleport causing player to be teleported on top of the ship on ships that have interiors
  • ^ Probably same as “people flying bug”
Version 1.02 - 2/01/2024
  • Added longer cooldown to spawning new ships
  • Changed both Quarter X’s and Karjala’s bridge window material so you can now see the water
  • Changed M/S Arctic X’s player position so you can now go explore the ship
  • Improved Stockholm performance a bit
  • Improved & added more spawn positions
  • Improved performance of the badge system
  • Fixed ships flying
  • Fixed Mariehamn’s 2nd dock not being accessible
  • Fixed M/S Arctic Viking’s spawn orientation
  • Fixed being able to steer the ship when anchored
  • Made the vessels faster
  • Backend improvements
  • Removed multiple ships’ invisible walls
Version 1.01 - 1/01/2024
  • Improved spawning performance by quite a lot
  • Improved overall performance of multiple systems
  • Improved performance in Stockholm
  • Fixed Quarter Fast’s bright lights
  • Fixed music volume and range
  • Removed some old useless scripts & assets
Version 1.00 - 1/01/2024

Game released.


Lead developer: @Laatikkoxx
Lobby by @YeetTheFeat807
Some of the icons are from icons8

Finnish - @Laatikkoxx

Additional help with some vessels:
juna321 (Pre-2018 vessels)
@Pingviinipulla (Arctic X)