HD Admin - Core Changes (11th June 2019)

1. [IMPORTANT] New method of calling the API

The way to call the API has changed. It is vital you make the changes to the new method before the 1st July otherwise your game may break.


local hdContainer = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("HDAdminContainer")
local hdMain = require(hdContainer:WaitForChild("SharedModules").MainFramework):CheckInitialized(hdContainer)
hd = hdMain.modules.API


local hdMain = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("HDAdminSetup")):GetMain()
local hd = hdMain:GetModule("API")

2. The MainModule ID has been moved from 2686494999 to 3239236979

Using the old ID will not affect your admin in anyway - the old ID will simply require the new one automatically.

We have made the change from a user-owned account to a group-owned account so multiple lead members can work on and publish changes to the MainModule.

If you are using the old CustomFeatures folder, replace and transfer your contents across to the new Loader and Custom Features as soon as possible as we will be removing support for the outdated Custom Features and API on the 1st July.

3. CustomFeatures has been completely redesigned



Previously, you could only add custom morphs, tools and commands. With this update, you have full control over every folder and object within the MainModule. Everything added to these folders will be transferred/replaced/merged accordingly with the correspinding item in the MainModule.

For example, changing the appearance of the ‘jail’ from the ;jail command is as simple as creating your own model, calling it ‘JailCell’ and placing it under the Asset folder within Server.

4. Reference modules using main:GetModule(moduleName) instead of main.modules[moduleName]

Instead of doing…


Previously, requiring a dependency module before it had been referenced by MainFramework would throw an error. With this new function, the thread will yield instead until the desired module has been required.

5. GitHub

We have a GitHub! The API and tutorials have been moved here for improved ease of use. Contributions to the repository and much welcome.

6. Working at HD Admin

The process has changed slightly to become a member of the HD team:

  1. Send a portfolio of your work and a trial command
  2. If successful, become an intern
  3. Successfully publish two command packs and become an established member (a.k.a. ‘Contributor’).

@1waffle1 is now an official Lead Member who will be helping with core changes, commands and publishing changes directly to the MainModule. Huge credit to him for assistance with these latest updates.

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