Become an Intern at HD Admin

HD Admin is on the look-out for enthusiastic developers to assist with the creation of admin commands. If you’re creative, experienced with lua programming and have a few available hours a fortnight, this job might just be for you!

The Job

The job is to create fun, exciting and innovative admin commands. Once published, your code will be added to the HD Admin Main Module, therefore you must be happy with your work becoming open-sourced.

Desired Traits

  • Highly experienced in lua programming
  • A desire to write high-quality, optimised code
  • A creative mind
  • True knowledge of the gaming and Roblox culture
  • Good communication, Discord is required
  • At least 13 years of age


Team members receive payment per ‘pack’ (a group of five commands). Payment varies depending on the complexity of the pack:

  1. Simple
    • ~25 USD (7500 R$)
    • Very basic commands which take minimal time to complete (e.g. ;fieldOfView)
  2. Standard
    • ~50 USD (15,000 R$)
    • Slightly more challenging commands which require more thought and time (e.g. ;icecream)
  3. Complex
    • 75+ USD (22,500 R$)
    • Sophisticated commands of great complexity which require significantly more time to complete (e.g. !laserEyes)

This works out to about 10-20 USD/hour which can increase as you become more familiar with the command creation process and core functions.

Time Scales

As an intern, you’ll be expected to complete your first pack within a few days. Afterwards, time scales become very flexible, as you can create commands and earn as much as you want, in your own time, whenever you like (essentially a ‘pay-as-you-go system’).


You will be credited for each individual command, as well as receive a place on the HD Admin credits page. Many of your creations will be trialled by big YouTubers, watched by potentially millions of viewers and used within some of the platforms top games.


Interested in applying?

  1. Create a unique fun command using the ‘Creating a Custom Command’ tutorial below. Your creative ability and code will be assessed by this. This command can be your own idea, or based on one of these…
Fun command ideas
  • Shrek/zombie+infection
  • Split body apart when jump
  • headExplosion (grows bigger then explodes)
  • Rocket
  • Witchtrial
  • Nuke
  • Fbi
  • Black hole/ this is sparta
  • wreckingBall
  • firebreathe
  • alien abduction
  • strike/lighting
  • tsunami
  • meteor
  • earthquake
  • volcano/eruption
  • nuke
  1. Send a private message my way on the DevForum, including a bit about yourself, a portfolio of relevant work and a link to the place of the command you just created.

  2. Successful applicants will be invited to the Intern program where they are guided through the process of creating commands, publishing packs and working with the team.

  3. Publish two approved packs to become established members (a.k.a. Contributors).

Good luck, look forwards to hearing from you!

Creating a Custom Command tutorial:


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You state that we need a creative mind and are expected to work 10 hours over a two week period.

You also state that for 100 USD or alternatively 30,000 robux we’ll need to make 10 commands. At the rate of 100 USD per week then each command would take around 30 minutes, is this correct?

Would this mean that we’re responsible for coming up with commands? I’ve seen HD Admin before and remember being rather suprised at the amount of commands you already had, this could be rather problematic for developers.


Does this mean that we could have the possibility to make 500 USD per week if we manage to make 50 commands? Or is the cap set to 100 USD per week?

Ah, sorry I missed that!

I’m sorry for the hundred questions, but I have one more; maintenance.
As I’m sure you’re aware some scripters are better then others, some scripters work better in different environments, after looking at your commands module I’m sure you could see why a lot of developers would be hesitant to work in a module that had over 3,000 lines and isn’t very organized.

So the question at hand is are we allowed to work on others code to improve it as well as fix potential bugs, will there be any changes in the future to further organize the code?

The HD system has been designed from the start to be easily adaptable. For example, the ‘Commands’ module does contain over 3000 lines of code, however the commands themself are easily interchangeable segments which can simply be slotted into the module.

As I’ll be explaining in this thread (which will hopefully be ready for today), developers can create, adapt and test their custom commands in their own environments without even touching the Commands module.

A key goal with HD Admin is to make it more and more community-contributed, however modifications to the MainModule will be limited for now as we are working with potentially hundreds-of-thousands of users on a daily basis. Security and trust is a major factor, so I’ll initially aim at getting Top Contributors on board, who could then help in the process of verifying code by other developers, and making modifications themself.

I’ll also be setting up a GitHub for HD Admin shortly to help with this process.

Is it possible to work for two weeks and not stay on for longer? If so I will apply.

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Okay. I am finishing a game that I have been working on. See my scripting work here if you want: I am just looking for money so I can buy audio and other things for it. I think that if I am able to, I would join and work for a week or two. (Working 5+ hours a day. 30-40 hours/week.)

Can I have some examples of commands that you would be looking for?

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I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge of Roblox, since I’ve been playing Roblox for years. I can help out since I know how to make admin commands and work with Adonis and Kohl’s admin and I could help out quite a bit. I have school for a week but after that I’m free! Come and add me on discord: Shadrz#7070, I could do a lot for your script.

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As a side note, any scripter here who is having difficulty thinking of admin commands shoot me a message as I already have dozens in my head and would be happy to offer some.


I vouch for @ForeverHD, was a pleasure working with him to convert @x_o bike system to support R15.


A pay-as-you-go system seems more appealing. I think this is a neat thing to work on briefly, but I’m not interested in committing myself for $10 an hour.

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The command creation page is up! This explains the full process to creating commands and hopefully gives a better insight into the HD Admin application:

I’ve spent the entire week re-designing the client framework, so if you already have a place with the MainModule inserted, please chuck it away and use the most up-to-date one as it makes creating client commands enormously easier!

@GoldStorm950 Sure thing! I’ve updated the original post with a list of some possible fun commands.

@Shadrz Appreciate that! Can you send me a message first on the DevForum with a portfolio of your work as this makes handling applications my side a bit more organised.

@1waffle1 It’s hard to give precise time-guidelines yet as I don’t have a sample to base figures off, however for more established developers, you’ll more likely find this drops to 5- hours, so 20+ USD/hour. For instance, the command from the video above literally took 10 minutes to fully write and test, while some of my longest commands have taken 45 - 90 minutes.

We’re currently looking for Top Contributors to help with maintenance and growth by giving direct access to the MainModule. In return, we’d reward a weekly-share of all revenue generated from HD Admin. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, please do let me know.

@everyoneElseWhoApplied Thanks for sending in your applications - I’ll be responding to you now.


Updates (11th June 2019)

  1. Time scales are now really flexible. If you successfully become a full member of the team then you can basically produce packs and earn cash on the fly, whenever you like.

  2. There is no limit on applicants. If you’re reading this in 2022, feel free to apply! The more members the merrier.

  3. HD Admin is now significantly easier to work with. We have a fully complete documentation on creating commands and a thread explaining all the latest core changes.

  4. We now have a GitHub Repository - feel free to contribute to the core code or send feedback/suggestions.

I’ve deleted some of the previous posts as they contained outdated info.

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