HD Admin Error?

Hello, so recently I have been using HD admin for my game and while it once used to work, I am now getting an Infinite Yield error. Does anyone know the cause for this, and is there a better admin command system I can use to moderate my game?

Infinite yield possible on 'ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("HDAdminClient")

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I.m using (temporary) hd admin but i get no errors you can search on yt for tutorials for make your own admin system I’m now working on my own admin system

The thing is I like HD admin because you can set a gamepass for users to buy VIP.

May I suggest Adonis?
You can also do the whole gamepass gig with it, if the tutorials below dont help I can walk you through how. Elsewise, I can try assist you with the error if you would like to continue using HD admin.

Seems to be a very likely case of misconfiguration of your HD Admin Settings. I’d suggest re-checking your settings and look closely for syntax errors.