HD Dev - Projects

Biggest Projects

  1. Guest World

    • An adventure/action/roleplay universal game where players can explore different worlds, unlock characters, and complete various quests/minigames
  2. HD Admin

    • Intended as a small side-project but developed into a successful admin system
    • Currently has over 14 million sales
    • Developed by ForeverHD
  3. ObliviousHD Roleplay World

    • Also meant to be a small side-project but has developed into a widely popular game
    • Currently has over 20 million plays
    • Developed by ForeverHD

Upcoming Projects

  1. Mr. President

    • Being developed by HD Dev
  2. Terror Night? (undecided name)

    • Was a big project we worked on and released in 2016 but never quite succeeded
    • We hope to re-vamp and re-release this project sometime in the future
    • Developed by HD Dev
  3. Candy Crusaders

Side Projects

A few small side-projects by ForeverHD

  1. HD Minigames

  2. HD Christmas Obby

  3. HD Cube Clicker

  4. HD Crossy Road

  5. Age of Roblox

    • Based off one of my favourite games as a kid, ‘Age of War’. Was intended to be released for a 2015 mobile competition but was never completed.
  6. Dead Space

    • One of my first ever games developed in 2013
    • Initially intended for a horror competition however incomplete due to my little programming experience
    • Re-uploaded on ForeverHD

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