HD Renders With OBJ Export & Cycles

So I’ve been having a lot (too much?) fun with the OBJ exporter. I’ve hooked up a couple ROBLOXian rigs and I currently have an 18 second video rendering (which takes 3 minutes per frame, out of 140 frames) to render. So while I’m waiting (hours) for that I figured I’d upload some of my experiments! Please note that not all of these are HD. Some were just quick tests. I will include a special 4K render though :wink:
Remember to right click the image and view the original for proper size!

(Note that all content in these images are created by myself or close friends)

4K Sky Island (From a build I did a year+ ago)

F/A 18 Superhornet made by my friend TurboFusion. He thought this was an image of one I’d 3D printed haha. (He’s now trying to 3D print one so if you can help him out, PM him!)

My friend Slazerick did this render but I helped him so…let’s throw it in the gallery :slight_smile:

For the 18 second animation I’m rendering, here’s a rig I setup of my friend Slazerick:

This is a J31 jet that I heavily modified TurboFusion’s F35 to make (just like how the Chinese used F35 data to make the J31!!) I experimented with some depth of field here. I made a video of this taking off an aircraft carrier. It’s cool but as it was 200 frames I didn’t feel like rendering it in a notable quality so I won’t bother uploading the low-def animation.

This was one of the first renders that shows the (never before seen, waiting for CSG to release) HD attack on titan equipment. So you can consider this the HD-HD version.

Here’s a still image from the 18 second animation. This image is actually only 1/3 the quality of each frame in the animation. (So you can see why this animation will take around 8 hours to render)

I was rendering a video to test motion blur on a sword swing. Well, I forgot to set it to render as a video and instead I got it rendered (each frame) as PNGs. So here’s one of those!

I managed to import THIS into blender. It took 2 minutes for ROBLOX to export it to an OBJ. It then took blender 5 minutes to import it, 2 minutes to merge all parts into a single mesh and 30 seconds to remove double vertices (ROBLOX exports this way). I had a gorgeous render of it but unfortunately I didn’t save it D:

I also have a couple videos but their quality isn’t worth my time to upload so just wait for the 18 second HD demo I’m rendering right now!

Hope you guys enjoyed these as I had a lot of fun making them and I’ll be toying with this for thumbnails.
For those interested, my specs
Processor: i7 3770k running 3.9GHz
GPU: nVidia GTX 670 OC Edition 1.045GHz. I’m rendering using this. It’s much faster than using my CPU.
Ram: 16GB
Rendering: Blender Cycles, samples ranging between 200-500