HD STUDIO December Monthly Challenge – Christmas Obby

:small_blue_diamond: ---- ABOUT ----:small_blue_diamond:
To celebrate Christmas, this month’s challenge is a special HD Christmas Obby! The aim of the challenge is to earn as many ‘Wins’ as possible (by completing the obby) and make it onto the Top 5 Leaderboard. The HD Christmas Obby is a great way to have lots of fun and compete with other HD members.
You can play the HD Christmas Obby here:

:small_blue_diamond:---- REWARDS ----:small_blue_diamond:
#1st + 300 R$
#2nd + 250 R$
#3rd + 200 R$
#4th + 150 R$
#5th + 100 R$
-Random winner #1 +50 R$
-Random winner #2 +50 R$
-Random winner #3 +50 R$
-Random winner #4 +50 R$
-Random winner #5 +50 R$

-Top 10 players will receive a promotion to ‘Elite Member’, or ‘Loyal Member’ if already and Elite Member. You can view the top 10 players in-game on the global leaderboard.

:small_blue_diamond:---- EXTRA ----:small_blue_diamond:
-To be valid for your reward, you must be a HD STUDIO member
-The challenge ends on the 3rd January 2018

Good luck and have fun!

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