HD's Driving Game Rules

By playing Hd’s Driving Game, you understand and accept any and all of these guidelines and policies we set forth, as well as any and all future policies set forth.

It is not and never will be our responsibility to notify you of changes to these rules. However, we may find it necessary to inform players of major rule changes, such as mass additions or a complete revision.

By playing our game, you agree to follow these rules and are willing to accept full responsibility for violating them. You agree to have data collected and submitted to a DataStore for holding Moderation History and any active Moderations on your account. This information is withheld for staff but can be shared with external parties as needed.

We are not liable for any losses, damages, or liabilities due to your account being suspended from Hd’s Driving Game.

Community Rules

The following are results and related punishments1. Failing to follow these guidelines will result in Moderation.

1. Do Not Exploit

Altering your client to gain an unfair advantage over other players or to ruin the experience for other players will have you banned. This includes showing others how to get exploits or creating exploits for the game.



2. Respect Everyone

Respect everyone in Hd’s Driving Game. It is important to create a healthy and friendly community. We will enforce this rule heavily.


Warning > 7 Day Ban > 30 Day Ban

3. Do Not Advertise

Promoting your game, group, products, etc. contributes nothing to the conversations in the chat. If someone requests information about your game, however, that is constructive and does not put unnecessary clutter into the chat.


Warning > 3 Day Ban > 14 Day Ban

4. Respect Roleplays

This game is a majorly roleplay-based game. As such, failing to roleplay is considered rude and disrespectful to those engaged in it.


Warning > 7 Day Ban

5. Disrespecting Staff and/or Staff Time

Bootleg moderating or mini-modding is not constructive for dealing with players breaking the rules. We have Staff to handle those situations. Participating in any one of these can constitute punishment:

  • Mini-modding: or acting like a staff member when someone has violated the rules.
  • Bootleg Moderating: or getting into fights to try and stop them.
  • Disobeying Staff.
  • Impeding staff.
  • Or submitting false reports against someone.


Varying based on staff decision relative to the infraction severity.

6. Misinformation or Fearmongering

Spreading around misinformation or information in general to spread fear. This is uncool. This is also not appealable.


7 Day Ban > 14 Day Ban

7. Illegal Activities

Do not commit or threaten to commit any of the following:

  • Doxxing another player,
  • Harm another player,
  • Blackmail another player,
  • or otherwise threaten someone with any of the above.



8. Do Not Abuse Glitches

Do not utilize glitches to your benefit or otherwise break the game. Do not teach others how to utilize glitches to their benefit or how to break the game. Use our Discord to report bugs.
You are not entitled to compensation for reporting a bug, although you may receive it.


30 Day Ban OR 14 Day Ban > 60 Day Ban OR 30 Day Ban

9. Sensitive Topics

Do not engage in the discussion of topics such as politics or religion. Do not discuss or act out tragic IRL events. (You may discuss Tragic IRL events so long as someone affected by it is ok with discussing it. If you are asked to stop discussing it, respect the individual and focus on something else.)


Warning > 3 Day Ban > 7 Day Ban

10. Impersonation

Do not attempt to impersonate any of the following:

  • Roblox Staff,
  • Game Staff,
  • Game Developers or Owners,
  • YouTubers,
  • Celebrities or important figures.


30 Day Ban > 365 Day Ban

11. Inappropiate Language

Do not use expletives, regardless of whether you have or do not have to bypass Roblox’s chat filter.



12. Adult Content

Right. We’ve had this happen before in a server. We don’t want it happening again. Any form of adult content, regardless of its form, will be punished severely.


Permban 2

13. Do Not Elude Bans

Do not evade bans issued to you. Doing so will result in escalated punishment. Assisting in the evasion of a ban is also punishable.


Ban Evasion: Permban
Assisting: 90 Day Ban > Permban

Staff may issue punishments for reasons not listed here, so long as they can prove you have in some manner brought harm to our community.

Ban Appeals

Ban appeals are handled on our Discord Server (the link is in the socials section of the Roblox Game and on our socials on the Roblox Group) by Game Staff. You must meet the prerequisites to submit a ban appeal. Otherwise, your appeal will be auto-rejected and not fully reviewed. This information can be checked by staff.

Appeal Guidelines

  • Be professional and mature while discussing your ban.
  • You are granted one second chance appeal ever3.
  • Your ban appeal may only be accepted if you have evidence proving it is false.
  • Make sure to provide clear evidence and reasoning as to why your ban is false.
Repeated Infractions

Repeated infractions carry elevated punishments. Warns and bans are kept on your record for a time after they’re issued. Warns are kept on your account thirty (30) days after they’re issued. Bans are kept on your account ninety (90) days after the ban expires.

3 Warnings for the same infraction elevates to a 14 Day Ban.
5 Warnings in the active period for a warning elevates to a 30 Day Ban.
10 Warnings in the active period for a warning elevates to a 60 Day Ban.
5 Bans in the active period for a ban elevates to a Permban.

1: Staff have the final say in all moderation decisions. These punishments are guidelines for them and do not have to be followed.
2: This guideline is not permissible under any context and will always result in the punishment listed.
3: Not all punishments permit second-chance appeals. The decision of an accepted second-chance appeal is up to the decision of the Staff member handling the appeal. Time reductions do not count towards your second-chance appeal.