Head Developer Position at biggest anime serious roleplay game


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Looking for a scripter

WILL not state exact work to keep ideas secret

Our game is super optimized to handle 80+ players at once, a developer that knows how to balance his code from client and server side is very important.

Our game >

Attack on Titan: Project is a serious roleplay game. Our game adapts a unique play style called a “PermaDeath genre”. The anime Attack on Titan is a drama and is all about death and emotion. We try our best at creating the most immersive experience for our players. Some of our players even cry at certain events. We have an amazing community and foundation here for you to work and show off your skills yo large audience.

The Task >

We’d need some bug fixes on our real life day and weather system to start off. It’s all made but as it’s issues. Simple stuff such as less laggy and more realistic rain. Fixing up our night time to look like a night instead of just black fog. Fixing some hitboxes on our titans, making them better and adding a ragdoll that won’t be laggy. Fixing our super inaccurate player death ragdoll (does not always ragdoll the player on death) adding commands and bug fixes to our custom admin system we got. Finishing up some tabs on our menu such as “Administration” tab, “Options” tab and “Customization” tab. Tabs will be explained further through discord. There’s a few more bug fixes and updates that we’ll need, this is just an idea of what is to come. (You also get to work on our really cool titan shifting)

The Job >

The start is simple, our game went through a total remake and redesign but it has a good amount of bugs. I’d be looking for someone with loads of experience and who isn’t shy to share his/her own ideas on my game! Activity is key, I need someone who is responsive to me. I have 3 list created of what needs to be done, after the first 2 list are completed, you’ll be sent 30,000 robux to satisfy you to finish up the 3rd list. Once the 3rd is done you’ll be sent a payment of 20,000 robux. The total is 50,000 robux. Everything Is basically made so it shouldn’t be too difficult. After these are completed and you’re still interested and have fallen in love with our community, you can gladly stay and do more work for more robux! It’s a win win for both sides. If you have a passion for this game and working here, add me one discord. Thanks for reading

Discord: Drafter#6806

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Couldn’t you get your game shutdown or a dmca filed against you by the original creators of Attack on titan as you are making revenue from it?
Wouldn’t it be better if you gave your head developer a percentage as they are employed by you and are doing work.
What type of skills are you looking for?
How do you contribute to the development?


Hm, Sent you a DM. (Contingency#6217)


Yes technically it could get taken down, but doesn’t mean it’s likely to happen

for example ro ghoul has been front page for months and its still up


It usually only affects games that have the direct name in the title for example, if the title was ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ It would have a high chance of being taken down like Pokemon games.


Last time I checked the only type of copyrights with attack on Titan was the music not the actual play style. Our game is far too small to attract a big studio like that. My game doesn’t make insane revenue, I made money off a game I was with called “Dashing Simulator”. I appreciate your concern!

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Are you looking for a builder? Or a Scirpter? I’m interested. (Pixel#0005)


Your post is far too vague. All I’ve gathered from your post is that your developer quit, and you want a new one to fill his position. There’s no details for what you want done. What are these lists? Is this a scripting or a building position?


I stated that I needed bug fixes, due to security reasons I would want to release my ideas here.

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Can you be more specific about the job? What are the tasks about? Building, scripting… ?


As stated above, I am looking for a scripter.
I will edit my post, thanks.


As a developer + former Head Developer, I suggest working here. There is a great dev team and a great community, and working there is a blast

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Off-topic but, yes, a studio I was working with did the same with gun models in their game and got a message from the company behind the game saying something like: “Amazing work, however, do not directly copy our models from our game”.

Of course they did not proceed with that, but they made their models from scratch.

Back on topic:

I do not see a precise description of what a possible developer would do. I would kindly suggest you to reword your post to have a better structure. (Pay section, job description, type of developer etc.) instead of writing just your ideas in which don’t provide any clear instructions nor share any precise details about the job itself.


Post is a little all over the place. I’d suggest using this template to make your recruitment more clear. TEMPLATE: Job Offer


Thanks for the help! I’ve reworked my layout best I could via phone.

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I am still looking for someone to fill this position. DM me on discord if you’re interested.

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