Head keeps importing into Torso

I am trying to import a character model of my own from a plugin but every time I do the head keeps being imported inside the torso. Is there a way to fix this?

I tried to find help on YouTube and searched it on google for more feedback but there was nothing.

Here is a video to better understand my problem:


That problem happens sometimes, there’s no solution.

You need to write a script to place the characters heads back into place and then you have to run the game and copy the models and paste them after you stop running the game.


local charactersThatNeedToBeFixed = workspace.Folder:GetChildren();

for i,v in pairs(charactersThatNeedToBeFixed) do
	v.Head.Position += Vector3.new(0, .5, 0);

that is an extremely complicated way to move the head up 0.5 studs
literally just use the movement tool that roblox provides lol


This is a common issue that is easily fixable with one and only simple solution:
When this happens, rejoin the place, the head should reattach to its normal position instead of the torso’s.

This isn’t a good idea as it is a waste of resources of the server, plus is completely useless as it can be fixed without a script

Main Cause of Issue:
The Issue Itself isn’t the plugin, it only happen’s when the Character is trying welded Hairs, Accessories, etc.


Had this problem a while ago. To solve it, all you do is go into the “Head” part and delete the weld called “HeadWeld”


I still have this problem. For R15 it is fine, but R6 keeps doing this. When I move the head, it goes too high.