Head moves all limbs in an animation

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    Whenever I try to animate a rig, all the limbs move with the head when I rotate / move it. It’s bugging me since I can’t add animations to my game that requires animations to make the game feel more lively. This issue is happening in both Moon Animator and the Animation Editor

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sorry if the video is laggy :slight_smile:

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    I’ve tried reinstalling Roblox Studio and deleting the rig to replace it but it just won’t work. I have not found any solutions on the Developer Hub

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When I move the head in an animation plugin / default animation tool in Roblox Studio, the whole rig moves with it. I can personally not make animations like this. If anyone has a solution to this, please help! :+1:

Are you using one of Roblox’s pre-built rigs, or is this one you’ve made?
Also are you using the steps from this link? Animation Editor
Is the Head Anchored?

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I just used the default rig and just edited the colours and added a hat. and no the head is not anchored