Headache | DevLog #1

Hi there! :grin:
This is the first DevLog on the game Headache

At the moment, the game is in alpha version, but I am updating it every day based on your feedback so that the beta version exceeds all your expectations (and this is not to mention the release)
So, let’s begin.

Fixed bugs

  1. Fixed a bug where a player could fall off a ledge with frozen animation

  2. The white paint on the ledge that you can climb is now more noticeable.

  3. Fixed a bug where you could climb a vertical wall

  4. Fixed a bug where control was taken away from you after the end of the climb

  1. Fixed a problem with text fragments that moved out (using RichText helped)
  2. Fixed an issue where the “Ok / accept” button did not work
Getting stuck

Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck in textures or inside objects

I’m sure it’s not all bugs, but most of them have already been fixed, and it pleases

What’s new

Graphics update
  1. The white paint on the ledge that you can climb is now more noticeable. Yes, this update also applies to the graphics update, so let it be here too
  2. Now there is more contrast, which makes the location with the door more gloomy, and the jungle deeper

Recycled Jungle

The jungle has been redesigned. A vine has been added. changed the location and density of plants

New content

New content for the beta version in the late stages of completion.

Summing up, I will answer a couple of frequently asked questions.
U: When will the game be released?
D: I’m trying to do this as soon as possible, and most likely the game will be released at the end of March

U: What about the price of the game?
D: Now, at the testing stage, namely Alpha and Beta versions are free. A full-fledged game will be paid, and the price will be 400 Robux

U: Can I influence the output of the game? For example, to speed up its output
D: Of course. By logging into the game, you can use the “developer support” function

That’s it!

Play here: Headache - Roblox


The game’s interesting, but I don’t think anyone’s willing to pay even 900 robux for access to a game like this. Unless you’re expecting to get the alpha/beta to near full release, and growing the playerbase to at least a thousand from there, I can only see the game being empty.
400 is far more reasonable, but even then, for a story-driven singleplayer game, it’s still a lot to ask for.
tl;dr: cool project, but you should try different monetization(or just release the game in a sort of chapter form, like chapter 1-2 is free, then making the rest of the chapters in a single paid game)

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Well that’s different.

Usually, the alpha and beta tests are paid access while the main game becomes free. Why’d you go for this?

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Isn’t usually the alpha/beta paid and the full game free? Also, as much as i love how this game looks so far, hardly anybody is going to play the game for this amount of Robux. I understand that you want to profit off your work, but a price of 900-1.5000 Robux is unreasonable and will only sentence this game to be empty forever instead of giving any profit to the developer. A price of 100-400 would be way more reasonable. Please consider overthinking the price and rather try putting in a donate feature to make Robux.

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this is what many developers do outside of roblox. it was the same with the game Little Nightmares 2

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This is what many developers do outside of roblox

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I heard your feedback about the price. At the exit, the game will cost 400 Robux, instead of 1K

sounds like a good change, but you should just keep in mind while making the game that despite how you can put just as much effort into a Roblox game as you would a game on Steam, there’s just different user behavior towards paid things; Roblox users are just less likely to want to pay for singeplayer games because they’re not used to doing so on Roblox. Due to the fact you have to use robux instead of direct cash to pay for access, it feels like a waste to them. I understand you probably get all this now lol.
Everything I’ve said can be summed up into this one sentence:
Roblox just isn’t Steam when it comes to game purchasing.


i would recommend you to make it free because you will make more Robux if you use Premium Payouts, Gamepass, Developer Products etc instead of making your game paid access only.

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Reply to the whole message, not just the first sentence.

Definitely. I would recommend making it cheaper or just free entirely.

I suggest puting the price between 25-100, that is the range I priced my beta game.

I don’t understand this cheap mentality. On any other platform paying around $10-$15 for access to a game is normal (see Steam, itch.io, GOG, etc). 800 Robux costs $10 and 1000 would cost around $12.5.

The fact that 4+ people have already complained about the price gives me the same kind of bad vibe as the culture around the paid plugin marketplace. Does the entire Roblox platform suffer from this problem?

As always, if you don’t appreciate the price, then nobody’s forcing you to buy access to the game.


This is roblox, not any other game platform. Users are not willing to pay high prices for a roblox game, specially a singleplayer one. Keep in mind that 90% of the platform does not have robux, that would keep a lot of public away from your game.

You should really reconsider this choice unless you want your game to be dead.

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Typically when people post here, they’re asking for feedback and not just a bunch of yesmen to validiate their opinions. We’re just telling him that we believe it’s a better decision to make it cheaper. The reply under yours basically sums it all up better than I can. If you try to have a Steam-level price for any game on Roblox, it’ll flop and nobody will play it. Why do you think most games that have paid access never stray higher than 800? We’re just telling him that it’s not worth it to make it 1000 or more robux.

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Did you even look at my post? I was not saying anything even close to „Roblox games can’t cost as much as Games on other platforms“ I was just telling the developer that making their game only accessible by paying 1k Robux will probably leave it playerless and making it cheaper would help the game grow a larger playerbase, which is true because if it wasn’t, no one would’ve talked about it in the replies.

I completely agree with you here. But still, I have already decided to make the game free. There are several ways to make robux well in addition to setting a price for the game

Hey guys. Can you stop writing about the price of the game? I still wanted to hear feedback about the technical component, not about this:(

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Hey! i did Test the Game now and i must say i definitely see some potential but there were defiantly some bugs or i was a bit to dumb to Play the Game

after some Time i did find this Gap but i think you should add some light to it because it was a bit hard for me to see

after i picked up this thing what i did not even see i did Go back to this main area then i could climb but for me it was way to hard because of this i did Leave the Game then

anyways i think this Game is Amazing and like i already said i see a lot of potential in your game i hope my feedback helps you to improve your Game!


Uncharted 5: Why Choose Roblox but not UE or Unity??

Stuff are pretty nice, but:
Climbing broke, kept jumping to the right instead of where i pressed WASD. Also, you could give the camera some inertia

Other than that, the game is pretty good. Though, I would really suggest to find another platform thats not Roblox.