Headless only hangout game

Hi, so basically I made a game where if you own headless, you are free to hang out and explore the game, but if you don’t, you get put in a cage. Very pointless game but I just wanted to share it with some people.

Link: Headless Only Hangout. - Roblox




Cool game. Only concern is the emoji in the thumbnail might be copyrighted (or not).

Think I’ma try the game out actuslly.


And yet I don’t own headless


Okay, I patched that bug, thanks for making me aware!


you probably made this as a joke, but it’s so low quality


bro if you didn’t like it keep it to yourself


:man_facepalming: u really went on their post and said the same thing :pensive:


This is the help and feedback topic, u never said to hold back any negative feedback

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im just trying to give some feedback, no need to get mad over. i could have worded it differently but still, you don’t have to be so rude. as for the feedback:

the thumbnail: the font, the png in the middle, and the cropped avatars just make it so bad.

the game: i looked at your other posts and they seem really good, so i’m curious as to how you messed up the building so bad.

the humor: the humor level is that of an 8 year old kid so i doubt anyone would laugh at this.

the grammar: saying something like “head having losers” isn’t grammatically correct, try saying something like “people that have heads” or something of the sort. i may be wrong about this though.

sorry if i sounded rude, i didn’t really know how else to word it


wow such great feedback I can sure learn a lot from this

Brother, that’s the entire point of the Creations Feedback tab

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Okay, I guess I’ll go to every post and say “you probably made this as a joke, but it’s so low quality”

i gave you feedback on why it was so low quality

god damn stop crying about it. They were honest about it being low quality and gave you feedback on why it was bad. You going on everyone’s post and saying it’s low quality ain’t gonna help, especially if it’s a lie and their work is actually good.

Their work is trash too, I was just being honest.

okay, this has gone on for too long. just stop getting mad over a little bit of feedback and try to actually be mature. calling my work trash just because i gave you negative feedback is not okay. if you want to go further, just privately message me. thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

It is and I’m just being honest. I can’t elaborate anymore because you’ll falsely flag me again, but I’m doing the same thing you did to me. Your work is trash and I stand by that opinion.