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Hey! Welcome to our headless group!

We are the largest active, public headless group on Roblox!* Also the fastest growing!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this! It is very important to read this if you need to know about the ranking system, or just general things.

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Don’t know what “Headless” is?

Created 2013-10-31T05:00:00Z along with the Headless Horseman Bundle, Headless is a Roblox head asset that makes your head “disappear”. It basically gets rid of your head. The reason it’s so popular is because it causes all accessories on the head to float, as the accessories are treated as if there’s a head. Headless Horseman reappears every year around halloween in October at the price of 31 thousand Robux. (31,000 / [EU]: 31.000). The only exception to the October release dates is 2023-09-15T04:00:00Z, which is currently the only year it has released before October.

Here’s a link to the bundle if you’d like to check it out for yourself:

A little more information;

headless is also known for having the headless horseman pumpkin gear, named on Roblox as “Headless Horseman’s New Head”.

This is a less popular item, some people who own headless like to equip this gear on their avatars along with their headless head. However, there are people who buy headless just for the pumpkin. The most common reason for this is that they don’t want to wear headless itself because: either they don’t like headless, they want to show off a face as well, or headless doesn’t fit well with their outfit. These type of people usually prefer to show off headless horseman through the gear instead.

Group-Specific Trivia:

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  • The ~ Headless Owners ~ group was originally supposed to be a group for just me an my friends, so I never even advertised it once. The group grew entirely from natural growth!


  • For nearly a year, I’ve been manually ranking people in the group. I, @GuyAwesomest alone, have ranked over 6 thousand members before creating a bot! No other person has ever ranked people!


  • The reason the bot has been finally created is because of fake UGC headless owners. This made manual ranking for me practically impossible without viewing everyone’s profiles. I have planned on having a bot, but what pushed me to create it was this very issue.


  • The T-shirt icon for the donations (example) is from a server I made on Discord using goofy acronyms for normal sounding titles. There was a bunch of them, and to name one: “Emojis Wow!” was the first server. The other servers were linked and had similar words that started with “W”. I thought it’d be funny to use the image on the T-Shirt without context. :smile:


  • There used to be a Spongebob shirt in the group store before it was taken down… For good, and obvious reasons! :laughing:


  • The group bot account I use is my only group bot account! It’s used for one of my other groups. Whenever I’ll need a bot for any new group, this bot account will be used


  • There was actually a 5th user in the “:jack_o_lantern::beetle: Glitched Headless” role, but they have since left the group. Unfortunately, they have left the group long before I could find their user for the role whitelist I created here. Because of that, they no-longer have access to the role.

Looking for a rank?

In order to be ranked as “:jack_o_lantern::racehorse: Headless Owner” you need to own the headless bundle and keep your inventory public. Otherwise, you will be defaulted to the rank “:jack_o_lantern::wave: Headless Fan”.

If you are joining this group because you own a fake headless (the majority are UGC bundles), unfortunately we don’t have a rank for you, so you’ll also be defaulted to the rank “:jack_o_lantern::wave: Headless Fan”.

Haven’t been ranked? Here’s the potential reasons:

1 :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: You don’t own headless

2 :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Your inventory is private

3 :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: The bot hasn’t checked your inventory

If your rank needs an update, simply just rejoin the group. The bot will automatically scan your profile and rank you. Make sure your inventory is public or you’ll be defaulted to the fan rank!

About “:jack_o_lantern::beetle: Glitched Headless” Role

Some of you may be wondering how people got the “:jack_o_lantern::beetle: Glitched Headless” role. It was a role that was given out to users who managed to equip headless without having it in their “Currently Wearing”. This is a legacy role and is discontinued since the creation of our rank-bot.

The rank bot knows if the user has it even if they glitch their Currently Wearing, so I decided to discontinue the availability of the role.

All current users in the role will be in there forever. These people managed to have their headless glitched at the right time, earning them this rank.

users who are whitelisted (also for my own notation):

These people are OG’s and have been around before the role was removed from its availability. These accounts will always have access to this role.

Other Information


:warning: IMPORTANT! Please keep the group wall appropriate. We want the group wall to be clean and orderly. Thousands of people will see your group wall messages, so following these guidelines is very important.
Below is guidelines we would like you to follow:
[ UPDATED 2023-09-17T04:00:00Z ]

  • 1. Do not promote anything on the group wall

  • 2. No toxicity is allowed

  • 3. No spamming, obviously no scamming

  • 4. Do not target others on the wall

  • 5. No links, period.

  • 6. No self-advertising or advertising other users, or their assets

  • 7. Please don’t be repetitive, it makes a really boring experience for readers (Things like making a specific topic too long, or repeating a joke someone else has said in your own words). An exception to this is message chains repeated by different users. If the same user is chain-messaging, that is considered spamming

  • 8. Please don’t use the group wall for ranting. You are allowed to complain, but we don’t want the wall filled with essays on why you don’t like certain things

  • 9. Keep the wall positive. Negativity creates an unwelcoming environment

  • 10. Most importantly, follow Roblox’s guidelines

Depending on the severity, the following actions could be done:

  • SEVERITY 1: [ :exclamation:]
    Your message will be deleted. This is a low level severity. Depending on the amount of continuation, the severity will be escalated and the second action will be done.
  • SEVERITY 2: [:exclamation: :exclamation:]
    All your messages will be deleted and you’ll be exiled from the group.


{❓1 }: Why is there donation shirts on the group wall?

Answer (1):

I don’t make much money off the group, so I put up the shirt for you to support the group. Donating is suggested, but of course, completely optional!

{❓2 }: Why can't I chat on the group wall?

Answer (2):

This is on purpose. It is simply to give more of an incentive for Headless Owners to join the group. Otherwise there’s no benefit other than a role. This is basically a way to show off your role to non-owners and a way to have owners be able to interact with other owners without the uneccessary spam. Only Headless owners can chat on the group wall.

{❓3 }: Why is the group information in this post on the Developer Forum?

Answer (3):

It’s because I can put much more information for the group without having to deal with the 1000 character limit. The limit is very small and a lot of information can be missing with such a limit.
It’s also to keep all information in one place and away from being hidden under the “Read More” button.

{❓4 }: Is the rank bot working? It hasn't ranked me today.

Answer (4):

The bot only runs when my computer is booted, so when I’m off, the bot is not functional. I may work on a fix for that in the future, but for now, all you have to do is stay in the group for at least a day for a guarantee rank. If you’re not ranked immediately, it’s likely that it’s nighttime for me. If the rank bot is actually not working though, it would be mentioned on the group shout / wall.

*For clarity of what this means, we’re the largest public group in terms of our headless owner count, not member count. By public, we mean anyone can join, even people who don’t own headless. This doesn’t include private headless groups. By active, we mean that ranking is still consistently and actively being done. Other groups haven’t ranked anyone in a while. This is written here to avoid confusion.

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