Headquarter - ROBLOX - Builder

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, but I got to work with someone and it motivated me to build something else. I hope you like it, the inside isn’t done and the back of the building isn’t done too. I need feedback and also ignore the name of the headquarter is just random. Enjoy!


Builder’s approval: 10/10 :+1:
Seriously though, it looks really awesome! Are you planning on making a game with this, or is this just a little side project you’ve been working on?

Edit: I suggest changing the “mArket” sign. The capitalized “A” doesn’t go with the rest of the lowercase letters.


I really like it; looks really clean and smooth. Reminds of a Vehicle Simulator Dealership, :thinking:.



I think it should have “Market” sign on top with giant letters. Anyway, it’s awesome.

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Wow big HQ !
but personally i a not fan of the text “market”
i think you must upgrade it a little but i like the building


I am glad you like it and this is for a guy who I work with. The “mArket” sign was jus something random because is not my right to name it. It would probably look better like “Market”, but I just left like this. Thanks you!

I am glad you like it, and I never heard of that game. :man_shrugging:

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I tried it on top of the building and it actually looked out the place so I decided to put it there. I am glad you like most of my building!

The title is actually something random and it won’t remain like that, it just wasn’t my job to name the headquarter myself, this was just more of a showcase. I am glad you like it!

Awesome HQ! It reminds me of an old game I use to play. I love the details, you are very talented, keep up the great work!

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