Healing is a problem in my game

So I want to make a game with a combat system similar to BOTW (Zelda). Combat is a core part of gameplay. To help with this, you can eat foods to give you buffs & heal mid fight. When this happens in Zelda, a menu will open up, fully pausing the game to let you safely navigate the menus.

I want to achieve something similar, but the Roblox engine can’t be “paused”. Here are solutions I’ve tried, but none have worked:

  1. Giving the player a forcefield while in menus. This is probably the simplest solution, however there’s a major problem. Players can simply open up a menu to negate any damage they would receive.

  2. Have enemies stand around longer to give the player more safe time. While this is another solution, this would make the game much easier, as enemies would attack less, giving players more time to set up strong attacks, which I’d like to avoid.

  3. Anchor all parts & disable enemy scripts. This would be a way to make it look like the engine is paused, but there are many problems with this. Scripts resuming causes all kinds of bugs, and things like Debris act weird.

  4. Make a system to hotkey food. Not sure how to go about this, but maybe have a mini-menu that can be configured to have different preset foods(?) The game Islands does this well, as you can have many item slots, but that’s not really possible with my one-item active inventory.

What ideas do you have? Any suggestions or possible solutions? I’m just looking for ideas. Also, thank you for taking your time to read this post!


I think the hotkey is the best idea, it gives users an accessible way to immediately heal without interruptions! Making it accessible to everyone is the next step!

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Either add a healing item hotkey, or rethink how healing and food in your game works. Why does healing need to be from food? Why not health potions?

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