Health Bar sizing problem

im trying to achieve a health bar effect, i have done these before but now it just doesn’t work for me.
i did everything with the clipping frame, and it just doesn’t work if anyone have any ideas, that would be amazing.
the image label that im using is not rotated via roblox properties its rotated through the actual picture.
btw when i use the offset scaling it works fine. but well offset is not good…
here’s an example of what im getting right now

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what’s the id of the image that you’re using

the id that im using is 16725324100

I think you’re going to have to add rotation while changing the size in a script

i dont know, i have been using image labels as health bars, never had that it turns down the resolution instead clipping the actual image.

Screenshot 2024-04-21 115253
this is the best that I was able to do without using a script

well i used instead of sizing it, a UI gradient and then changed the offest of it. then it worked well.