HealthGUI circa 2013

I’m trying to re-create Roblox’s default GUIs circa 2013, and my latest goal is the health bar:


Unlike my previous success, the backpack, there is no CoreGui associated with the health bar in this time frame (insofar as it is not present in the RobloxLabs repository). There are free models with the GUI that I have found, but not one of them has the script to run the GUI.

Does anyone have the script to run the HealthGUI?


On a lark I decided, instead of searching for a complete health bar, I would search for just the script. I didn’t find the exact script that I wanted, but I did find something very close and clearly a derivative of the GUI I was searching for. It had the same bar texture and the same hurt overlay. By modifying it to work with one of the free model GUIs I found, I have a working health bar now.

The one I found is here:

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