Heat seeking balls

So I’ve been trying to recreate the ball from Heatseeker mode in RL.
You can watch how it works in this video: (https://youtu.be/mY1YS4_IuTg)

Basically, it’s just a ball that tries to seek into the opponent’s goal. The issue I have is making the ball actually seek to the opponent’s goal.
I tried using a LineForce, which kind of works, but not so well, sometimes it just orbits around the goal.
And RocketPropulsion doesn’t seem to work.
I also tried to move the ball using a RunService loop with lerp, but the ball would get slower the closer it is to goal.
And this is possible to make, since it’s in the Roblox game “Blade Ball”.

Any help out here?

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It’s way over my head, but I do remember seeing awesome video that might help you:

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ok i managed to make a functional system, the only problem i have is that i want there to be 2 forces, 1 that kicks the ball forward with applyimpulse and the other one that heat seeks the ball to the goal, but currently, the forward ball force doesnt seem to work?

ball:ApplyImpulse((characterDirection.Unit * 60 * ball.AssemblyMass) * Vector3.new(1, 0, 1))	

the heat seeking uses vectorforce btw

oh i found out why, its because the ball is behind me ! , does anyone know how i would calculate it so it makes it apply a forward force even if the ball is behind you?