Heated | Looking for a Lua Programmar

About Heated

Heated is a bar & grill restaurant that is starting up really soon, We are looking for someone to finish our facility which we need a cooking system.

You will be working with:

You will be working with UI’s / verbiles etc.


Heated Developing Team
  • Intervex | Lead Builder / Terrian Designer
  • Vitrox | Scripter#1
  • Sophy | UI designer
  • bigman | Graphic Designer

Need any help while doing it?

Just ask one of our developers, You will be added to the Heated group chat where you could communicate with the rest of the team such as 2 different scripters that could help you with anything that involves scripting.

Things that would help you out.

  • Group chat with developers.
  • UI’s already done.
  • Models did.
  • Heated discord to help you get an understanding of Heated.


  • 15+ of age
  • Mature
  • Professional with their work.
  • Someone that has their portfolio already made.
  • Someone that has experience with the cooking systems or anything that involves a Cafe/Restaurant industry.
  • Someone that could make an advanced system.

Something we will not hire:

  • Someone that is not less them 15 of age.
  • Someone that just want the money and leave.
  • Someone that does not have a portfolio.
  • Someone that is beginning and does not have any experience in scripting or has never made an advanced cooking system/restaurant industry.
  • Someone that is not committed to their job.


  • Payment 50 USD
  • Roblox Gift cards
    I do not do Robux because of the Roblox verification system)


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