Heavy Sword Animation

Hello! This is a little part of a project I’m working on, I have no experience whatsoever making animations for big weapons like this one so I would really appreciate feedback!
Do note that the weapons itself is not mine, everything else including the cel shading is made by me. Cel shading and the clothing is also something I’m currently experimenting with, don’t judge it too hard xd
This is a different angle where you can see I didn’t ignore the swords collisions :ok_hand:

I did have to ignore the hat collision though .-.

Link in case of failure to load: https://gyazo.com/eaabc4c7a0a5495f58d0eaad8236c166

Cool little thumbnail x)



It looks really nice and clean!

Quick question though, how do you accomplish Cel Shading? I’m thinking about using it in games in the near future, so I’m just relatively curious haha

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In the current version of blender, simply select the object, go to the modeling tab. Then press A to make sure all the vertices are selected. From there hit Shift + N and a small window will pop up on the bottom left of the window labeled “Recalculate Normals”. Click the arrow next to it and a drop down menu will appear, the only option should be “Inside”, you want to click that so that a check appears telling you it’s enabled. There’s 2 ways you can approach this. The first is to do the steps I’ve listed then export the mesh, you then import the mesh to roblox, color it as you’d like, set the material, then resize accordingly. The second way is to import the object into blender, duplicate it, resize it to overlay the object, then you follow the steps for the overlaying part, just not that you will have to recolor it in blender as well. I did it the first way but from what I’ve heard, it’s better to do it the second way. Thank you for your feedback and I hope this helps! :+1:


well it looks like it came from “strife” a good fighting game with nice animations back in the good old days if roblox but got deprecated and broken due to updates :[

Anyways it looks pretty cool, looks like a old samurai who came into the future then took the first sword he saw then kills people with it. I just wish I can animate things like that aaaaaa only thing I can do is code and build and no other other skills.


It looks pretty cool!
But as for me, the animation is very sharp, I think it’s worth making it more tender.

I love the animation! Amazing cel shading.

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If you’re wondering what my reference was here it is x)

I just took the first action he did, sped up anticipation and attack phases, then extended recovery phases :ok_hand:

Thank you for your feedback @Modern_Chris @wyssion

As for your comment @wyssion, could you put it in terms I might understand, not quite sure what you meant by more tender :persevere:

The animation looks pretty cool, but the movements are very sharp.
But still, I understand that animations aren"t easy to do. Even with a sharp movement, it turned out pretty cool.:+1:

Thanks, I appreciate but I still saw the post you deleted lol :eyes:
Again, feedback is greatly appreciated so if you could explain a little bit more in detail about what you meant by “more tender” :thinking:

You can try to make the animation like this: There will be very smooth turns of the sword and the final sharp blow.:flushed:

Ahh, so you meant make movements smooth and strikes “sharp”? I see. I rely on my animator to handle the frames that take place between the “main frames” with little to no edits, perhaps you noticed it but placing the hand above the head anywhere near smoothly was a challenge :sob:

It’s okay, everyone learns from their mistakes.:smirk:

Hopefully I will, I can only hope on time to teach me better methods of approaching it, I was in a rush but it was probably 100% better to do it frame by frame for some actions, also, if you were taking foot placement into mind, I’m keeping it on the root part since I will mimic the movement through scripting to keep the player centered and for other reasons I would assume you know :ok_hand:

Ye, I understand, in any case, good luck with your development!

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the dude looks cringey aaa, but cool I think I’ll start referencing to videos in order to make better animations

lol, references are a great tool regardless of the actors appearance! It’s not like I dressed my rig the same way to really capture the reference as best as I could :laughing:

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