Heightmaps: waiting for moderation makes zero sense [FIXED]

Update Feb 4, 2021

Roblox has addressed the issue. Heightmap image moderation has been removed in their beta update. Thanks for listening!
Ok so I'm trying to upload a heightmap and use it to generate terrain, but there is this obnoxious "asset awaiting moderation" message. Clearly, the decal is awaiting moderation.

Why is this a feature in Roblox Studio? Heightmaps should be usable before moderation. There is really no valid reason to moderate these before allowing them to be used. Sure, I can thing of a few ways to upload an inappropriate terrain generation using them, but is this really any different than creating something inappropriate out of parts? It’s not. This moderation “feature” before terrain importing is trying to solve a non-issue. This accomplishes literally nothing from what I can see, and the only thing it does is slow down the development process for people. If I have a problem with my heightmap I’m going to have to wait for the moderation process to complete before I can fix the issue, and this could add hours to something that shouldn’t take long at all. Obviously still moderate the images, but they should be functional as heightmaps before that moderation completes.

That’s just my opinion. If there’s something I’m missing please let me know, but I just think this feature is pointless and annoying.


Hi @S1xty,

I believe Roblox moderates all games and player made assets that go onto the site, no matter if they can’t have any dangerous stuff on it. It’s only a short wait!

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Yes, I understand that, but a heightmap shouldn’t even need to be uploaded to the website in the first place to be used honestly. It only needs to be used by Roblox Studio to generate terrain. The process doesn’t NEED to use online features at all. I’m just saying that this type of moderation is easily bypassable through other means and really adds nothing of value.


The image is moderated to prevent any inappropiated decals/figures be shown to developers and mostly to developers who are very young. And you will be able to see the image when the moderation system aproves your model. I hope this helps :+1:

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Well, you can’t be too careful these days :laughing:

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Again, that doesn’t explain why the image needs to be uploaded to the website BEFORE a heightmap can be generated using it. It just doesn’t make sense, at all. I’m all for moderating images before they can be seen on the website, I get that. But why does my heightmap need to be seen on the Roblox website to be used? It’s a waste of my time waiting for these moderations to finish, which are quite arbitrary in how long they take. The suggestion I am making is not to not moderate the images, it’s to not require moderation BEFORE a heightmap can be made with them.

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I mean, as any other moderation system, is not perfect, will always have bugs, or something will not work properly. Let’s take an example of a bank:

Someone just stole $100M Dollars from the bank, one of the best guards in the world just saw 2 guys: One has a briefcase with some dollars that can be seen by everybody, and other with a bag of cash, the most suspicious is the one with a bag of cash, but he is using a bag because he don’t have any other way to get his cash and carry it to his house. The guy with the briefcase is using that briefcase to look less suspicious and look more like a worker. So of couse, the guard will arrest the guy with the bag.

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Good use of storytelling :smile:


I appreciate your effort to explain why this is needed, but it’s not. Yes, you COULD upload, for example, a curse word in terrain form using a heightmap that is unmoderated. You COULD (maybe even a moderated heightmap if the mods don’t check the red channel, which illustrates how useless moderating them is).

You could do that. But guess what else you also could do (and notably with MUCH more ease)? You could make that same curse word out of parts. Or even the terrain painting tool. Extremely easy to do either of these. And guess what? Those would not be moderated when you first uploaded them to the website. So basically, it would be harder for somebody to accomplish an inappropriate result using a heightmap than with other, much easier means. This goes to show that this heightmap moderation before import accomplishes nothing.


Ok, maybe you have the reason, but one of my questions is what is a heightmap for you?

What is a heightmap for me? It’s a grayscale image that roblox studio uses to generate terrain dimensions based on?


Well, i repeat, every moderation system is not the best. And always can be bypassable. Maybe someone very smart will be able to bypass it.

It doesn’t take any level of intelligence to bypass this, though. So not only is it not the “best.” It’s utterly useless.

As far as I know you personally can view and use a Heightmap before its fully processed. Any decal that is uploaded to the site can be instantly used by yourself after it is uploaded in Roblox Studio.

You can’t, I’ve been trying. Update: can’t use the colormap either

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Are you on a team create or anything? Because I just tested it and it works fine pretty sure it will only show for the owner of the decal.

It gives an error: “Asset awaiting moderation”

It’s my image, I uploaded it via the game explorer menu. It’s not a bug, it’s just Roblox moderating things without even realizing why they are moderating them.

If the moderation system is not the best then it surely can be improved. Saying that “every moderation system is not the best” is not an excuse for not making Roblox’s moderation system better. Height-maps should be able to be used like decals, before moderation.
A little off topic - The decal moderation system really needs to be improved. It seems like it just chooses random images to disable and suspend your account for.


I tried exactly how you did it uploaded via the Game explorer and it worked perfectly fine for me. Can you show me a picture/video of what your doing?

A mod literally explains that moderation won’t allow it to proceed right here. I don’t know how you’re uploaded before moderation, it isn’t working for me.

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