Helicopter animation doesnt plays

I wanted to achieve of helicopter playing arrival animation and once it finishes play the hover animation, i wrote a simple script for it and it didnt work, i tried unanchoring and other stuff, can somebody help me out or tell me whats wrong, please??
This is the script


local hum = script.Parent.Humanoid
local arrivalhum = hum:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Arrive)

local hoverhum = hum:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Hover)

I don’t quite understand your goal, are you trying to animate a helicopter with a humanoid?



if you want to animate rigs, by the way.

Yeah you are right, but using Animations on the humanoid itsself shouldnt be an issue, its just deprecated and would only cause issues in replicating as I know so that wont be the issue. I just think that using Animations on a non-rig in general is the big problem… Why not using TweenService or Lerping?